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Comment Re:NBC poll 52% for FBI, 38% for Apple (Score 1) 389

It really depends which was the question by NBC, because most of media outlet reported a lot of wrong. This is not about Apple refusing to open something it could. Apple can't open it. It's about Apple refusing to create a software facilitating guessing weak passwords that can be used on most old iPhones. I guess the 52% for FBI was just answering a question like "Apple can open the phone and it's refusing to do it protecting the terrorist, are you with FBI or Apple?"

Comment Re:Solution! (Score 1) 110

But let's be serious, how can smart people think that any serious terrorist would use gmail or facebook to discuss an attack? If Cameron/Obama "security plan" is to control cloud services then one of the two, they are very naive or they have an hidden agenda that has nothing to do with controlling terrorism...

Comment Re:Solution! (Score 1) 110

The problem is that you can't give the capability to decrypt by law... it's open source software, so no backdoors, and if you don't have the key you can't decipher. Unless they ban linux, force everybody to use a backdoored OS and they make open source illegal. Much simpler just backdoor the HW, the processor. There's no opensource processor out there

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