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Comment Re:Missing Option (Score 1) 97

On the spectrum of watch, phone, e-reader, tablet, laptop, desktop, TV, projector, It's common to skip one size of device if you have both a bigger one and a smaller one (and also the extremes). I prefer a light laptop to a tablet because of the more traditional and flexible computing model, and the keyboard, but if it was practical I would bring both with me.

Comment Re:Actually, it's easy. (Score 1) 174

Seems like good option, but does it actually do what the OP is asking for: send duplicate data to two interfaces? Just like mentioned above, this seems focussed on bandwidth, not latency, though it does mention jitter. The requirements of OP are also quite a bit simpler that what Speedify seems to do, many things could be hard-coded. Anyway, seems interesting

Comment Re:WHY are men trying to scare women away from gam (Score 2) 728

I don't think it's a concious decision about scaring someone away. The reason some people do this trolling is probably not even obvious to themselves, it's a deep psychological cause and effect. The incidence of trolling towards women may also be over-represented if women are more likely to take this kind of abuse seriously, especially threats, and also if women are more likely to report the experience in public, instead of silently wtirhdrawing. I can't back up any of those theories, but they should be considered before concluding that the abuse is especially bad towards women.

If it turns out that women are indeed "trolled" more than men, that wouldn't be a surprise either. There is so many expectations related to dating and relationships, and the "creepy" label is dealt at the slightest deviation from the norm (this seems especially bad, almost ridiculous, in the US, based on TV and movies). If failure at dating constitutes the majority of ones experience with the other sex, it's not that surprising that some minority of people online will react in devious ways. Don't know how to fix it, but if more kids had friends of both sexes that may be a start.

Comment Re:geo-blocking (Score 2) 363

That's fine, BBC are in their right to give their videos only to those who pay. However, they're doing it wrong. The internet isn't designed with geo-blocking in mind. BBC started blocking by IP address as a pragmatic solution, and now they're trying to make the government turn their hack into law. [I don't get why BBC doesn't just mail all license payers or UK residents a username/password combo and calls it a day. I would hate it more than the geo-crap, now they have a big-brotherish record of where everyone is at all times, but it seems like the best solution for them.]

Comment Re:Ineffective advertising (Score 3, Interesting) 149

So we should compare this announcement with the Mac Pro one. Apple had to share a slashdot article between the MacBook and the Mac Pro. There's not many complaints about slashvertisement on the mac post.

The post about the Mac appears just as positive, but it packs a lot more facts in fewer sentences, so it's arguably better. Both have their share of marketing language and fluff, but the Alienware has a lot more of it.

Comment Re:It's not going to work (Score 1) 136

Welfare is only fair if everybody gets it equally, not just the needy, and pays for food, and on top of it you can have a job, and buy like a fancier place than provided by welfare, or fancier food.


'No it's not fair, it's a matter of policy. Capitalism is "fair" -- you get money for doing others favours, and can buy favours in return. Any kind of tax or welfare disrupts this and is inherently unfair in this view. Most people don't, however, agree with the capitalistic definition of "favours" (or what ever the economists call it), or that you can accumulate or transfer unlimited amounts of such. Tax can then be seen as a fair way to dampen the dependence on the history of the system, placing more emphasis on recent favours. The rate of the tax and how it is spent is more of an ethical issue than an economic one.

The world is not fair, so a system that's internally consistent and fair, but doesn't take into account the different "luck" people have, probably doesn't agree with most people's concept of fairness.

All that said, I agree with the idea of giving everyone a basic wage (called citizen wage in my country, can't remember the English term). The productivity would probably drop as people did more useless things or did nothing, but we may also see more amazing breakthroughs, as the risk to any peson is lower. (currently, going on welfare and developing a new kind of nuclear reactor is seen as quite unaccceptable, yet there may be smart people who can't make it in academia or industry, and now have to take crappy jobs) This policy will become a necessity to have any kind of fair and humane society once automation makes even more jobs redundant, and we can only hope that people will accept the potential loss of productivity before it's too late.

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