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Comment Love Dota (Score 0) 316

I had never played Dota but ended up getting a beta key for Dota 2 a few months ago. I love the game, but this pricing idea is just whack. Most of the time people just freak out on anyone new. You are expected to be a decade old vet and the game isn't even out of beta. I think this model forces people to conform and act the way you want. Obviously my karma here suggests that in such a model I'd be paying cash. I am not a conformist and if you think I'd pay you more money to alienate me, hah. I'd see it as a huge insult. I rarely even post here because of it. I'm sure most of you could care less but I don't bother anyone I'm just being myself. It's nice to know that some guy like Gabe agrees with this kind of thing. Don't expect me to say a word if they charge you for an entire row of seats on an airline Gabe. I know it's a cheap shot to go there buddy but you started it.

Comment Hand it over (Score 0) 201

I'm curious to see what they collected and they should hand it over. I normally don't agree with statements such as, "If you have nothing to hide it shouldn't matter." However, I keep hearing people say that to me and I'd like to see it apply to companies. Wouldn't that be funny? What you have something to hide how come I can't have access to all of your files? Dur...

Comment It is time (Score 0) 380

Yes, it is time to pull the plug on NASA they have finally gone too far. It's one thing to withhold information as if you are the 16th century version of the church, but at least they never faked it. I don't ever recall reading about the church saying they made an important discovery and will tell us in 24 hours... then announce that oranges are round. Cmon... what are you doing with all of that money. Why are Mars pictures taken with red tint and how long until we can get a color photo of the moon?

Comment Civ V (Score 0) 399

I've played Civilization games for over a decade and love them. I was pessimistic when I heard it would now have DRM. This is the only game I have ever bought with protection. My buddy went out and purchased a copy at the store, and I downloaded from Steam itself. I figured that if they are in charge I might as well give them the money. He thought that he would get a manual, and I downloaded one. So he now has a copy of a game he can't play and no manual to read either. His internet is down until Wednesday. When I went to download Steam it did not trip my firewall to request a port. I wasn't sure what the port was and I just wanted the game to install. Frustratingly I removed my firewall, since disabling it had no effect. It kept telling me that Steam can't find the internet. My computer reboots and I'm ready to go. I'm informed that Steam is already running. I check my task manager and I don't see anything. So I click again and it launches. It begins installing and when it gets to the end it informs me that it can't replace Steam.exe. The program terminates. I launch again and it finally completes the installation. Then I wait two hours for the game to download. When I close the game it actually pops ads up on my computer. I frown. I love the game itself. I'm sure most of the issues with game play will be ironed out with patches. Firaxis has always been pretty good about this regarding it's Civilization franchise. If they do drop the ball as they did with Colonization it's easily modded and the community steps in with patches. Maybe they'll sneak corporations or religion into an expansion pack. If they the community most likely will figure a way to do it. That's what I love about Civilization. I played Beyond the Sword since it first came out and it never got old. If I got bored doing something I'd just load a mod, problem solved. This game is very nice, but it's a rip of Rome Total War spliced with an updated Colonization engine. Worse, it's lacking the full army on army wars of Rome Total War which makes it kind of cheap. That is something they aren't going to be able to mod around. My first impression was that this looks exactly like RTW, about 8 years after it came out with the resource requirements of far more graphical RTS games. What I like the least is that wonders in Civ IV were very well done with animated movies. Now you're just given a dull picture, which makes it seem like you just bought a downgrade. Still, I love Civilization and I'll definitely tough it out. My friend might not.

Comment ISP (Score 0) 77

I receive at least one email a month from someone posing as my ISP. They'll spoof the name like instead of and attempt to solicit information. They can get pretty elaborate. The last one actually had a guy hiding behind the chat program pretending to be support. He needed information due to an audit of my email account. I was bored and kept him on the thing for about 30 minutes laughing at him.

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