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Comment Re:VHDL for FPGAs (Score 1) 261

That probably depends on his 'type' of CS degree. If it was more CE focused and he had some experience in it, maybe, but good luck trying to find a job if he had a true CS degree without any VHDL/synthesis classes. Not only will they probably not bother looking at him for that job, but he will be going up against many other grads with cmpE degrees that do have experience from the classroom doing this

Comment Re: Nice (Score 1) 86

you obviously were doing something completely wrong

You just grab the retropi image, flash it to an sdcard following the instructions for your OS
pop it into the pi, let it boot, expand the image
plug in keyboard, setup wifi, etc
your done

You now have a retropi running with visible samba shares and can copy whatever roms you want over. If it took you more than that, you fucked up

Comment Re:Is Linux now a reasonnable gaming OS ? (Score 1) 99

Im going with steamOS being the pusher, and valve's clout behind it. Anything on steam that runs on linux is marked as SteamOS+Linux supported and valve probably tried to push as many devs as possible to do steamOS releases

SteamOS is fairly nifty. I had been using a link I bought during the last sale basically as a media streamer from my desktop, but having done a gaming build this summer I decided to throw my old gaming box in an htpc case and throw steamOS on there. It is a nice cross between having desktop capability with an immediately usable frontend. Having your entire library available (either as a linux install, and where linux isnt or you dont want to do a local install you are still free to stream from a networked desktop) along with being able to have a native kodi install, plus retroarch, makes it a fairly complete HTPC setup sans things like netflix

Comment Re:Six million Alexa installs... compared to? (Score 1) 229

Siri is just a frontend, like talking to your comcast/directv/dish box, she is just there to ingest your pcm data and then ship it off to nuance or rovi servers. Thats where the real magic happens turning that pcm in text and returning context and intent data as json/xml formats which is then easily parsed by any device. The majority of companies offering any sort of voice type service run through one of these companies

Comment Re:Low bar (Score 1) 86

It just sounds like the previous poster needs to fix his harmony configuration. Ive been using a harmony for ~10 years with no issues, once you get it programmed properly. In a complicated setup its a godsend as well. Being able to hit one button to drop an electric screen, turn on projector, turn on reciever, turn on stb/media player, and set it all to the right inputs is great. Plus being able to hit one button to swap between media player and stb and being able to power it all off with one push, plus having customizable interfaces based on the activity your doing lets you put exactly what you use most right in front of you

Comment Re:Universities create high salaries in the market (Score 1) 412

Because they have an obligation not just to their students to provide a proper engineering education but to their alumni as well. If they lower standards they are dragging down all the students that could be held to that standard by dumbing down the entire curriculum. If you allow students to graduate from that university at a lower expected level than they used to, then that de-values the degrees of those who have graduated before as well as the reputation of that university

US universities (at least the good ones) do not want to be programmer degree mills. They like their students to leave with an understanding of the fundamentals and be able to apply them to whatever they may come across and grow. This is in contrast to many of the overseas schools which are basically just degree mills and most of the students dont leave with an actual understanding of the concepts. Sure they could churn out some poorly written code, but they would have no idea how it works, how to architect it properly, and what its actually doing under the hood

Comment Retropie (Score 1) 91

So..........they're selling a retropie box?

You can tell from the shots its obviously just a skin for retropie, even the feature set gives it away. So they are using the cheapest PI-esque chipset they can get to keep their markup high enough for a profit. When you could just get an rpi3 and get bluetooth built in for the same price and have a faster board

Comment Re:Clueless Apple SVP (Score 1) 200

Its not just myth/linux, many providers boxes do this already. I.e. on my dish box I can go to search, type in duke, on the right hand side listed under sports is 'Duke blue devils' which I select, then have an option of which sport I want, select basketball, hit record all games. Many tv providers already provide what he says you cant do and much more

Comment Re:Yeah. (Score 1) 116

yea you gotta learn VR legs. Im fine in most things but there are certain scenarios that can get everyone. First 90fps really is the magic number and thats why rift/vive aim for it, once you drop below that and have no compensation mechanism alot of people start to get that feeling welling up and dont understand why since there is no obvious reason. This is also why the PSVR has people throwing up after 5minutes of drive club, their fps compensation still isnt enough to keep it steady on the ps4's hardware, so the majority of reviewers are running to the bathroom

Also some experiences just induce it more than others. Alot of project cars for me is just fine, however the cart racing, if its on a small tight track I will start to feel it within a minute. Some browsing around showed Im definitely not alone and that experience manages to induce sickness in just about everyone. Then things like elite, and just about any cockpit based game, trick your mind enough that its usually willing to compensate for any screw up because your brain understands your in a vehicle and matches with your seated experience

Comment Re:Yeah. (Score 1) 116

And this is why I went for a rift. By all accounts the rift is more comfortable, more compatible, and slightly better image quality. 90% of the vive games I saw listed were obviously 30min tech demo gimmicks that i wouldnt want to play for any length of time, so I had no issue waiting for the rift's touch controllers to come out which to me seemed like much more suitable input methods for vr than wands (and from all the comparisons Ive see I was right).

So Im fine with using my rift for what I bought it for, elite, rally/pcars, and various seated experiences that the rift does wonderfully and provides experiences that are worth going back to. Then when touches come out and the catalog of games they have shown that are not just short tech-demo gimmicks are released at the same time, then I feel it may be worth while to have motion controls

Comment Re: Yeah... (Score 1) 326

Well if you cant blame a generation for their policies that were instituted while they could vote and the next generation could not, then who else? You can blame the uber rich politicians creating those tax cuts but who voted for them time and again? Who allowed them to continue to do the tax cuts while saying nothing?

Comment Re:Lacks a headphone jack? So what! (Score 1) 551

What's the big deal about lacking a headphone jack? Every phone comes with an adapter that plugs into lightning anyway. Or you can go wireless. Headphone jacks are old technology that you simply do not need. Your headphones still plug in just like they always did. It's like having a cow because your new car no longer comes with a spare tire. Get over yourselves.

That is the problem. Now you have another dongle. Another dongle to be easily lost, and if not lost easily broken. Another dongle to put stress on the connector.

Now what happens when you want to listen but need to charge. Now you need yet another dongle and hope that that y-dongle will allow you to charge and listen at the same time.

Just because something is old technology does not make it bad. There are still plenty of 60 year old speakers that sound just as good as they day they were bought and sound better than brand new ones with all sorts of fancy research put into them, because in the end it is still the same underlying concepts. Just because a headphone jack is old technology does not make it bad, in fact because it has been around for so long and is so ubiquitous there is no reason to change it for change sake because now you are just breaking compatibility with millions of devices. Perhaps if they provided some substantial benefit from its removal, sure. But 'water-resistance' whatever that means and has been done before while keeping the jack, definitely is not a good enough reason. I also have yet to meet anyone at this point that gives a damn if their phone is thinner, so that sure isnt it either.

Its purely change for change sake, leaving out the whole proprietary lock-in aspect

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