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Comment Re:The console advantage. (Score 1) 86

it doesnt, except that the upscaler probably works for games as well. So you can output 4k for games, just upscaled from 1080. Not much of an advantage, then again many of the 4k sets Ive seen have horrible upscalers and anything but 4k looks like utter crap. So hopefully the xbones/ps4+++ upscaler does a better job

Comment Re:Console Interface? (Score 2) 157

They took the worst of both worlds. Consoles end up with a mouse cursor for no reason, and pc players end up with hold-to-select and bad direct mouse integration(along with key-remapping that isnt even properly shown in game, if you change mappings they arent reflected in any help text and sometimes help text no longer shows) that could speed up alot of the game

Comment Re:Anyone but Clintons (Score 1) 993

The bottom line is you wouldn't invite the Clinton's to baby sit your kids.
If you wouldn't trust them to visit your own home, how could anyone trust them to violate the constitutional term limits and rule over ALL homes ?!?

You wouldnt trust a former president and the secretary of state to babysit your kids? I cant imagine what you possibly think would happen in that scenario

Comment Re:prediction (Score 1) 195

just get an rpi3 and retropie then. Same price, but you have the added benefit of any rom, almost any system you could want to emulate, kodi for media streaming, limelight for streaming from any supported nvidia card on a networked pc, network rom play, scummvm support, etc etc etc etc. Way more functionality at the same price, plus future benefits as more and more gets added

Comment Re:It's Simple Economics (Score 1) 180

Have they said if its going to be actual affordable housing? If not I wouldnt count on it. In denver they've been building apartments and condos like gangbusters. However all of them are still priced ridiculously high that Im not sure who all these people are that can afford them. Seems like average rent for a place outside of denver thats nice and about a 10-15 min commute to the tech area runs about 1200-1400/mo, but all these new places start at at least 2000 for a one bed to rent and most are 400k+ to purchase

More places get built, open up, and everyone's rents keep climbing to match

Comment Re:Three monitor gaming? (Score 1) 144

No, that viewport rendering is for VR speed improvements. 16 views of the same camera angle in a single pass for multi-eye renders

The 1060 will support multiple monitors though, as you said it has the same output support of 1DVI/1HDMI/3DP (and thats before any AIB changes as asus has a 2hdmi/2dp 1080 and gigabyte has an hdmi add-on board that disables a dp port)

Comment Re:Can you hear me now? (Score 1) 145

then go with something like ting where your only guaranteed payment is 6$/mo for your phone. Other than that its whatever bucket of usage you end up in. With no txt and no data you would end up in the min call bucket and your bill would be 9$/mo+small amount of fees compared to big providers

Theres other options out there just like ting, just have to look around

Comment Re:Low Cost of Living? Not Compared to Albuquerque (Score 2) 151

yea the housing market here has gone insane. I live in denver and got extremely lucky buying my house at the very bottom of the crash, if I had to buy this today there is no way I could afford it as its apparently worth almost double which I cannot fathom. We recently had a friend staying with us a couple months because he had moved away and was trying to move back to denver and buy a condo. After 3 months he realized there was no way he could buy a place since as you said, every place was going for 5k+ over asking. He just couldnt compete and ended up renting a place for 1200/month

I just feel bad for incoming engineers. When I started here 10 years ago most people got the average computer engineer starting salary and it was plenty to get a very nice 1bed, modest car payment, and still have plenty left over for fun stuff and hobbies. Now that rent has basically doubled that all goes away. All the new engineers at work that I know either have to live 45min away, or have 1+ roommates

Comment Re:Interested to know the mechanism (Score 3, Informative) 78

I dont think they are really leaving a loophole, its because they dont want to have to backport features. There are a huge amount of accessibility requirements that came down from the FCC for all manner of electronics and software that has to be implemented by the end of this year (thats why there have been multiple accessibility articles as of late, companies using this for free good press as they push out their solutions). So Im guessing MS does not want to have to backport features to win7/8/etc to keep those who need them happy and would rather they just upgrade for free

Comment Re: Subversion of the West (Score 1) 1080


Im on the cusp, 32, so some consider me a millenial but Im more in that nowhere generation between them and X since I do remember a time before the common home computer. I have seen the shift even while Ive been at my job since college. Times are much harder for someone just starting out than even when I started 10 years ago.

In this city when i started the average starting salary for a computer engineer was pretty darn good and enough to get you rent for a nice 1bed, cover a car payment for an average car and still leave you with enough money for bills, fun time, and some savings. Now I see kids starting and even with the increases in starting salary rent has doubled completely eroding that gain and more. They all have 1-2 roommates just to be able to afford a place to live in town unless they want to live in bad areas or really crappy apartments. If they want to buy a place, well now all the housing prices have gone up too, so its either buy some shit hole for what they would be paying in rent and in an inconvenient location, or suck it up.

So I get their frustration, I have seen it go from being pretty damn nice straight out of college to millenials thinking they would have had the same advantages I had when really they have it much worse. Some people may say their entitled, but IMHO I would expect them to be able to afford the same standard of living I had out of college, not much worse, when coming in to the same industry with an adjusted salary 10 years later.

I also wouldnt knock their work ethic either, all the ones Ive worked with so far have been just fine. Never seen this so called stereotypical millenial thats all self abosrbed, glued to their phone, and emotionally unable to handle life.

Comment Re:So how is this different than Cygwin? (Score 1) 492

Yes, thats exactly what it is,

From a canonical dev, its a reverse wine. Win kernel support that has linux syscall translation to windows calls. He wrote the filesystem translation. From what it sounds like they are pretty close to fully functional, just some issues with terminal emulation

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