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Comment Re:Fusion Drives... (Score 1) 144

This is what I want to know as well. I ran with a SSD cache for many years on my z68 board and its great for gaming. On games with large maps like bf4 if you've been playing the game consistently it turns that 1-2min map load into 20seconds and thats just with an SSD cache. Im still a little miffed it just stopped working for no apparently reason my z170 build, kept getting some nebulous error and could never get the caching to work again

Comment Re:Piracy Vessel (prevailing theories) (Score 1) 104

yea there are tons of 3d printed cases on etsy for all the rPI variants. So you can make it look like a mini-nes, snes, n64, atari, whatever you want. Nintendo style usb controllers have also existed for a long long time

So there really is no point to an NES classic, unless you are that much against downloading some roms that you would now be willing to pay 100-300$ for 30 games. If you are willing to mod an NES classic to insert all your own roms than why even bother

Comment Re:Does it perform better in gaming? (Score 1) 105

Well it does include the new 'game mode', but if your running windows just for gaming you probably have already tweaked your system as much as possible and it wont do much. Its mostly there for the people that have 10 browser toolbars installed all sucking down resources and then wonder why games run like shit, it just changes priorities for the processes you specify as games

Comment Re:Everyone? (Score 1) 370

part of the point of having your own setup in a normal family room environment is you dont need all that ridiculous expensive stuff just to make it better than a theater. You dont need sound deadening, you dont have other loud ass theaters right next to your family room, if someone else in your house has shit blaring them tell them to turn it down, otherwise for a family of 2-4 its not even a problem unless you have neighbors who are constantly doing construction in which case you have other problems

Lighting, turn off your lights and just have dark enough shades to make the room black, you dont need theater lighting

Seats, just get the most comfortable couch you can, you dont need recliners and to replicate the experience when you have a couch that 3 people can fully lay down on comfortably, much rather have that than separate recliners.

Speakers, you dont need them mounted inside the ceiling, this is your own house. You can get 2 front facing towers and a center. Then either some speaker stands or wall/ceiling mounts/hangers for all the rears.

You most definitely can get a home theater experience that beats a movie theater in 3-5k easily. Your estimates and advice seem based on those that must have an entirely dedicated and replicated theater experience in a separate room of their house, but you really dont need all of that.

Comment Re:Everyone? (Score 1) 370


My system was all in about that range
~2k for 1080p+3d projector
300 for 100in motorized screen
350 for pioneer 7.1 receiver (woot refurb of a 600$ one)
350 for pioneer 5.1 system (i suppose you could count it as 500 since thats the normal price of that speaker set, just caught it on amazon during BF)

Thats 3k for audio and video done. You dont need some ridiculous speaker setup to rival a movie theater when you're talking about a ~20x20ft room, you just need some good clarity and separation. You dont need a 10k$ projector when ones in the 2k-4k range work just fine. So much of this stuff is just epeen and for custom installers to be able to over charge clients who happen to be rich. Good on them for having that much and shelling out to have it all installed and setup right but you dont really need it to have a better than a theater experience

Comment Re:SF median 1-bed = $4225/mo ($975/week) in 2015 (Score 1) 253

+1 its why I never look at anything near SF and would never consider it

Just to maintain the same cost of living they would have to pay me 1.6x my current salary, and thats to maintain. Let alone I would still be facing an increase in housing costs since I bought my house at the bottom of the bubble and its value has increased 1.5x since then. All that for a gain of ................... nothing. Living in colorado we have all the exact amenities that SF can provide and more, except for a bay, all while costing much less.

Ive never understood the mindset of SF/NYC's 'awesomeness'. Ive been to both, multiple times. Sure there may be lots of things to do and places to eat, but in a diverse large city such as denver, or austin, or the ilk of those, you can find all the exact same things to do, types of food and restaurants to eat at, etc. You just may have 10-20 choices instead of 100

Comment Re:Lemme guess (Score 0) 102

That happens? since when? I have been running windows 10 since release and not once has it ever attempted to update while I was using it. At most I have a message in the action center saying updates are available and ready, or that it will need to reboot to update, but I have never had a forced update/reboot occur during usage

Theres a reason there is an 'active hours' setting. It specifically states that windows will never automatically reboot due to an update during active hours with a note below that states 'We'll check to see if your using the device before rebooting'

So............you havent been paying attention maybe?

Comment Re:No, but that sounds exactly like my local theat (Score 1) 213


we went to do our usual christmas eve movie. The only option was a theater that was basically a 40 seater with recliners and reserved seating. Ticket price was still the same.

They've finally started to realize that was people want is to just watch movies at home, and so they are just trying to replicate that experience. This is why I never go to the theaters unless prodded by friends, otherwise my own home theater setup provides a much better experience

Comment Re:Not really true (Score 1) 213

People do enjoy watching first run movies and live sports in a crowd where the reaction of the spectators is part of the entertainment, and a source of stories aftewards.

And that is why I dont go to the movies. Having to deal with stupid crowd reactions during a first run movie is not something I want or enjoy, at most it would be a story afterwards about how annoying it was

Comment Re:Id be amazed if it can play any modern game at (Score 1) 44

This gets trotted out during every new console pre-hype, and post-release is always shown to be false. At this point consoles are basically just x86 pc's. Even common pcs really dont have huge amounts of overhead and in the end the people developing the games are still running through various apis to abstract the functionality anyway.

Its always 'a console can dedicate 100% of its hardware to the game so it has to run better than a pc!', yet every single time the console comes out and its performance is basically that of a standard gaming pc from 2 years earlier. Which would line up with the lead time on the new console. Theres nothing magical about a console

Comment Re: Micro Center! (Score 1) 224

Dont discount their house brands. Microcenter has house brand usb/sd/microsd/etc memory that is usually the cheapest they have in store but will run just as well as any name brand and just as reliable

Having a microcenter nearby is awesome, I live about 1/2mile from the denver store, which also makes it dangerous. But it is really nice being able to spec out a machine and run down the street to pick it all up and have better prices than newegg the majority of the time

Comment Re:Much ado about nothing.. for now.. (Score 1) 224

Heh came here to also see if anyone else caught this as well. I had this discussion with a few friends who saw these articles and said 'ZOMG Price drops!!!!'. After having just built a machine this past summer with 95% microcenter parts and also spec'd out a few for friends I had to remind them that these were the same prices they have already been for months

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