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Submission + - Disney now claims to own the rights to Santa Claus

jc42 writes: The latest skirmish in the ongoing escalation of "Intellection Property" rights to cover everything in our culture, a number of news sources are telling the story of James Worley, a "portly fellow with a full white beard" who was being mistaken for Santa Clause by children at Disney World in Florida. He was approached by Disney people and ordered to change his appearance, because "Santa is a Disney Character". Is there anything that Disney doesn't now claim to own?

Submission + - iPhone announced, after all...

grand_it writes: ...but it's not from Apple. Today, Linksys announced the iPhone, a new serie of devices supporting VoIP services and standard (eg: Skype, Yahoo, SIP). Some models operate through a PC, while other can connect directly to a Wi-Fi access point. Not so different from many other IP phones out there, actually.

Submission + - Throw out your Wii-Sensor and up the romance!

unc0nn3ct3d writes: Still trying to figure out how to get your girlfriend to play video games with you? Well perhaps if you added a little romantic ambience to the experience she just might! Dozens of videos have cropped up on YouTube about the 'Wii-Candle Hack' with which you can completely do away with the sensor bar and place two candles in it's place. Likely because the candles are acting as the two Infrarer anchor points on each end of the Sensor bar with which the Wii-Mote aligns itself to.
So chop chop and get cracking on making your gaming experience a romantic one!
Input Devices

Submission + - Human scent ability comparable to animals

An anonymous reader writes: Researchers from University of California Berkley laid scent trails, including one of chocolate essential oil, in a grassy field, and asked 32 people to find the 10 metre trail and track it to the end. Those who took part were blindfolded and wore thick gloves and earplugs to force them to rely exclusively on smell. Two thirds were able to follow the scent. And while they remained slower than the animals at tracking scents, their performance improved over time. In other tests, it was found that humans required both nostrils to be working to be able to track scents. Dr Peter Brennan, a physiologist at the University of Bristol, said: "It shows that although the sense of smell is less important for humans than it is for many other animals, it is nonetheless a highly developed and sophisticated sensory system. "It is not the second class system that has been the traditional assumption."

The Battle Over AT&T's Fiber Rollout 121

Tyler Too writes "AT&T is facing heated opposition from some communities where it wants to deploy its U-Verse fiber network. Ars Technica has a feature looking at the situation in the suburbs of Chicago. 'Legal uncertainty is the rule when it comes to IPTV deployments by telecommunications companies. Neither Congress nor the FCC [has] weighed in on whether services like U-verse require their operators to take out a cable franchise from cities, and no federal judge has issued a definitive ruling.' It's not just Chicago, either: 'With AT&T set to upgrade its infrastructure to support U-verse across its wide service area, this is a battle that could play out in thousands of communities across the country over the next few years.'"

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