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Comment Re:Start with sensible policies. (Score 1) 359

I always see these types of comments and wonder what Nazi fantasy world they do IT work in.....

Yeah I am gonna tell the VP of Sales while he is in Malaysia,that no cant load his USB stick with his only copy of the presentation he went there for that will save our company from going bankrupt?!?

Most users are a mix between this example and a admin assistant who only needs Word and yes we have different permissions for both types of users.

What I am getting at is when you lockdown machines your calls in go up for service and special considerations while the virus malware calls in stay the same.

Thats my experience, you ALWAYS get the virus and malware calls, no matter now lockeddown a machine is.

My 2 cents and Avira anti-vir works quite well IMHO.

Comment I fell for it (Score 1) 234

Recently I have gotten bit( $50.00 for the Force Underwhelmed) by the high retail price for games and i swore them off for good. Now in the bargin bin for under $10 I played Prey, Overlord, GalCiv2(I know, I know its FREE) and a couple of others. For the price they were all excellent and I had a great time playing them. I still play GalCiv2. Now Steam has a free weekend of the franchise I grew up with, cut my teeth building and upgrading my pc in the neverending quest of higher frame rates and spent years of enjoyment with. I did not get it when it came out cuz it was simply to expensive for me. I played it over the weekend, had a great time and here is the kicker.....they had it on SALE FOR $11.99. SOLD and I am having a great fun time AND it does not hurt the wallet. Soo I am sold on mu new game purchasing theory, I will wait until it is around $10.00 and buy it. I do a quick review search when I am in the store and if it is over a 7 I get it. I can get 5 game for the price of 1 New A list, that is worth it.

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 417

What i would do if I saw a great deal was tell them YEs I want the plan, then they walk you to the counter with the pc and as they are ringing you up I say I changed my mind, no plan, just the pc thank you very much. The rep would come back give a speech about pc's breaking, end of the earth as we know it, blah blah and I would say NO. Just the pc I have right here thank you very much byebye now!!!

Comment So? (Score 1) 417

What is the big deal. I used to setup pc's and printers for HP in Best Buys and it is common knowledge they would rather sell the "Service Plan" then the pc. No margin in pc sales without add-ons like $45.00 gold plated USB cables, etc. or the Fat all-profit plan. And yes if you said you did not want the plan they came back and said "Sorry, we just sold the last one and we are out of stock."

Comment Re:saying. "Fast forward to the 21st century" (Score 0, Flamebait) 504

"People will pirate when it's overpriced. When it's right-priced, most people will gladly pay for it." What do mean right-priced? Does the saleswomen have to take you in the back and suck your dick for it to be right-priced? It is called stealing. plain and simple. I do it and i know it is stealing. i am poor so i can only afford a couple of $50 games a year. thats it. I admit it. Don't say they need a new business model, they need to keep up with todays tech, etc. You are stealing a game. it is no different if you go to gamespot and stick a game under your shirt and walk out. you just do it from your room/basement, whatever. No difference.

Comment Fairwarning? (Score 1) 262

If they can tell a pc if infected, I guess by the type of traffic it is spitting out, do they let the poor saps know it is infected? Hello your computer if infected click here to run a scan......

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