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Comment Re:Why are we still fighting with this? (Score 2) 105

There may be some possibility. That would, of course, have *definitely* added to the complexity and time taken to construct the rover. Which was done on the cheap, to meet a limited duration mission goal that it has vastly exceeded...without the extra complexity whose omission you find egregious.

Comment Re: Her work (Score 1) 1262

Don't get me wrong, I don't think reciprocity is *best*...but at least it can be defended as a "rational" action. I completely agree that de-escalating a situation (e.g., responding more calmly than you perceive the other person to be acting) would be even better. But escalating the situation is absolutely not rational or reasonable.

Comment Re:Deleted (Score 3, Interesting) 108

Indeed, the system is structured such that the deletionists are far more likely to hold sway. I think the rules would have to be set up rather differently for the inclusionists to be able to win out. A shame, really. Why wikipedia would want to shackle itself to some definition for "encyclopedia" based on what was possible with dead trees is beyond me. It's a small minded parochialism which does the project and the world a disservice.

Comment Re:I wish them success... (Score 1) 186

This, 100 times over. TOC should not be enforced by any criminal court in any country. Civil courts is a different matter. Breaking actual criminal laws is a different matter. Those criminal laws, however, should clearly spell out the crime and should not leave its definition up to anything a random person or company wants to throw into a TOS.

Comment Re:quit whining over loss of free services (Score 2) 383

Thank you. i thought it was insulting to see columnists touting Twitter or Google+ as some answer/way forward for consuming information. They don't even begin to remotely serve the purpose that Google Reader did. And even if I could create a Twitter which managed to show me every article I was interested in from my current RSS collection, none of those other social sites do the tracking of what you've read, and what you haven't, so that you can make sure you don't miss things from sources you want to closely follow. How dumb to tech writers think we are that we'd see any sort of equivalence between those different platforms?

Comment Re:Good idea (Score 1) 439

If I put a big truck on the highway and someone else comes along and opens up the doors because I didn't lock them, and everyone knows that it was, in fact, someone else who opened the doors, I would not be liable, at least not 100%. I agree that people ought to take responsibility for protecting their posessions, but I don't believe failure to secure things perfectly should lead to liability for others' damages.

Comment Re:come on... (Score 1) 609

Nice, someone actually analyzing facts and figures. Wait, we don't do that here! RTFM! You're only supposed to read the title of the article and then pick your side and hammer anyone on the other team! Geez, you almost lulled me to complacency there, with your looking-at-things-rationally!

School Board Considers Copyright Ownership of Student and Teacher Works 351

schwit1 writes "A proposal by the Prince George's County Board of Education to copyright work created by staff and students for school could mean that a picture drawn by a first-grader, a lesson plan developed by a teacher or an app created by a teen would belong to the school system, not the individual. It's not unusual for a company to hold the rights to an employee's work, copyright policy experts said. But the Prince George's policy goes a step further by saying that work created for the school by employees during their own time and using their own materials is the school system's property."

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