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Comment Re:Sounds like IPv6 security extensions (Score 1) 88

It's getting so bad that I can see a forced implementation: Either switch or you're un-connected until you do. Set a switch date and enforce it. Thing is, will IPv6 really be the fix needed? I don't see how anything short of hardware built specifically for security on a secure network can be secure.

Comment Best defense (Score 3, Interesting) 184

Don't use the internet for anything business related until business gets serious about fixing the problem. These people just want their profits and, like they learned getting that MBA, the easiest way to do profits is to re-direct costs. In this case, put the costs of doing business online onto the customers. Seriously, who pays the real price when a business gets hacked and all the customer data goes walking out the door/server? The customers suffer from having their data abused, that is who suffers.

Do you trust your ISP with your bank account number, address, phone number, etc? How about your bank? Your employer? Your local utilities? How many of these types of businesses have you seen hacking reports on these past years? All of them, repeatedly, every year.

Do you remember in 1995 when the business and banking communities were warned that the internet was not designed with security in mind, but the complete opposite? Do you remember that they all just said the business opportunities were just too great to ignore and that security would naturally follow usage?

The internet is not for business; the internet is for porn!

Comment Unlikely (Score 2) 259

Such hubris from a corporation that can't even get its flagship OS to keep time properly: Windows 10 will have a time-related brainfart if not connected to the internet when it tries to update system time and change the system time to some arbitrary time in the immediate past, usually several hours at a minimum. Such crap.

Comment Logic Systems are based on Values Tables (Score 1) 609

There are many different logic systems and using the wrong one in context can be bad, as any young man who has tried to use formal logic when girlfriend logic was contextually required has learned the hard way.

But the core of the problem doesn't change: It's who defines what logic is appropriate that causes the grief because any logic system is based on a values table. Sometimes this is explicit sometimes implicit, but it's always there. This difference between values is the core problem and where the solution must be found and defined in such a way as to be acceptable to all players -- which is one very tall order.

Comment Easy fix (Score 1) 406

My response when I first ran into this a couple of weeks ago: "Fuck you Forbes. Bye."

There is nothing on their site that can't be had elsewhere, there is nothing special about them at all.

If it is true that they really are serving up malware, then perhaps the resulting lawsuits and bad reputation will take them down.

Comment Get off my Lawn! (Score 2) 69

I do something similar: I unplug the ethernet cord or disable the wireless connection except for those times when I actually need to use the internet. Old fashioned, I know, but then I was a BBS guy back in the 1980s and full-on connection is just silly-unnecessary for most people.

Comment Marketplace Justice (Score 5, Insightful) 109

Would be nice if there were an organization like UL Underwriters for network security, call it Network Underwriters Themed, Security Assured Credentials -- NUTSAC for short.

Silliness aside, until manufacturers have to pay the price in the marketplace for their crappy wares, they won't bother to do it right.
Everything in the Universe sucks: It's the law!

Comment Feasible... (Score 1) 147

...and absolutely pointless. Mars cannot sustain humans because it cannot sustain an atmosphere -- it's a dead rock. Explore it with bots, coolness: Send humans, pointless waste of resources. Venus is much closer and far more practical in terms of potential scientific returns on expenditure. Forget Mars for now.

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