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Comment Logic Systems are based on Values Tables (Score 1) 609

There are many different logic systems and using the wrong one in context can be bad, as any young man who has tried to use formal logic when girlfriend logic was contextually required has learned the hard way.

But the core of the problem doesn't change: It's who defines what logic is appropriate that causes the grief because any logic system is based on a values table. Sometimes this is explicit sometimes implicit, but it's always there. This difference between values is the core problem and where the solution must be found and defined in such a way as to be acceptable to all players -- which is one very tall order.

Comment Easy fix (Score 1) 406

My response when I first ran into this a couple of weeks ago: "Fuck you Forbes. Bye."

There is nothing on their site that can't be had elsewhere, there is nothing special about them at all.

If it is true that they really are serving up malware, then perhaps the resulting lawsuits and bad reputation will take them down.

Comment Get off my Lawn! (Score 2) 69

I do something similar: I unplug the ethernet cord or disable the wireless connection except for those times when I actually need to use the internet. Old fashioned, I know, but then I was a BBS guy back in the 1980s and full-on connection is just silly-unnecessary for most people.

Comment Marketplace Justice (Score 5, Insightful) 109

Would be nice if there were an organization like UL Underwriters for network security, call it Network Underwriters Themed, Security Assured Credentials -- NUTSAC for short.

Silliness aside, until manufacturers have to pay the price in the marketplace for their crappy wares, they won't bother to do it right.
Everything in the Universe sucks: It's the law!

Comment Feasible... (Score 1) 147

...and absolutely pointless. Mars cannot sustain humans because it cannot sustain an atmosphere -- it's a dead rock. Explore it with bots, coolness: Send humans, pointless waste of resources. Venus is much closer and far more practical in terms of potential scientific returns on expenditure. Forget Mars for now.

Comment Not surprising... (Score 1) 262

"researchers have struggled to create machines that show much evidence of intelligence at all."

They focus completely on logic and logic systems and ignore the required system of valuations that support the logic systems? It's like building a car with a great engine, but no frame with wheels; of course it can't go any where.

Comment Broken by Design (Score 1) 165

The U.S. form of representative democracy was set up by the "founders" to be what it is, and it is no mistake that the upper class fights tooth and nail to keep it that way. The main problem with representative democracy goes beyond the founders though (which may explain why it was chosen in the first place) and is very similar to the main problem with the economic system called communism: Both require that humans act outside their behavior patterns to reach some ideal abstraction.

Where communism insists that humans must act according to the best interests of the whole before acting in one's own best interests, representative democracy insists that a specific human act according to the best interests of the whole before acting in their own interest. The problem is that humans act according to a hierarchy that is different: They will first act in their own interest, then in the interest of their immediate group, then -- lastly -- they will act for the benefit of the larger whole. This behavior pattern is documented and proven true over time and _no_ ideal abstraction will long get in the way.

If Mr. Lessig et al. are really interested in having functional government, then we need to discuss the dumping of representative democracy for something more "functional," such as direct democracy.

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