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Comment Re:Unfortunately (Score 0) 468

It is idiots like you who can't think beyond their own pathetic paranoid posturing and fantasies. It is not gun ownership which is the problem but gun availability and use. If you keep your guns in a locked cabinet inside your house at all times only taking them out to use at a gun club or hunting trip then go for it. But the real problem with guns is not guns in the hands of criminals but guns in the hands of the average person who cannot in the aggregate be relied upon to be rational and responsible at all times. Don't blame shooting incidents on the mentally ill: blame the easy availability of guns to everyone including you. We don't know who the mentally ill are but we do know who you are, and in the aggregate you can't be trusted never to use a gun in a fit of anger or unjustified fear. It is an undisputed fact that the easy availability of guns dramatically increases the murder rate and don't tell me all such killings or even most are perpetrated by criminals or the mentally ill. It is YOU I worry about.

Comment Russia has Social Media.... (Score 1) 180

Russia has Social Media, we have Edward Snowden. God bless him.

By the way, the Russians don't give a f*ck who thinks they have troops operating in the Ukraine. It is not an OpSec failure but a point of pride. The more people think so, the prouder the Russians are of it. Plus they have deniability: " We deny that we have Russian troops in the Ukraine". There you have it: the official denial.

Comment Politicians Totally Compromised. (Score 1) 295

Politicians are totally compromised by agreeing to secret briefings and by accepting that they are subject to prosecution for revealing information in the House or Senate. Sitting federal representatives should be immune from prosecution for anything sad in the House or Senate, as is the norm in other democratic political systems. Allowing oneself to be silenced is a complete dereliction of duty. Shame on you all.

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