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Comment Re:NOT a good read - deceptive and typical (Score 2) 920

According to the first illustration Mr. Yellow puts in a full $153.84 worth of work and then has taxes taken out, but Mr. Purple only works hard enough to earn his $65 after tax? You can't have it both ways. Either they both put in the pre-tax value of work or they both put in the post-tax value of work.

Comment Re:Critical mass (Score 1) 519

Truth. Only one of my friends has completely ditched Facebook to move to G+, and he works for Google. Nobody else can be bothered to move since we are so entrenched in Facebook, and Facebook really isn't as bad as people try and make it out to be. When the big migration from Myspace to Facebook happened it was because Myspace was already terrible and getting worse.


Submission + - Tech Sim Game (

An anonymous reader writes: TECTIC is a technology simulation game where you must maintain your companies IT infrastructure to keep it successful. This is the first IT simulation I've come across that truly mimics the life and skill sets required for real IT administrators. Its simple enough that any novice can play and even learn about technology as they play. Definitely a hidden gem in the App Store.
Data Storage

Submission + - RevoDrive 3 PCIe SSD breaks speed records (

Vigile writes: "While not the first to do it, OCZ was one of the early companies to release a low-cost PCI Express-based storage solution with the original RevoDrive. The new RevoDrive 3 improves on the platform in several ways starting with speed: the review at PC Perspective measured performance as high as 1.6 GB/s! OCZ is also introducing a new controller that reorders requests from the host to maximize performance while also supporting native TRIM commands. Prices are still high but not unreasonable and start at less than $3/GB."

Submission + - Escort Berlin (

An anonymous reader writes: sexy escort girls in Berlin mit denn diskret escort service in Berlin

Submission + - 30 Creative 404 Error Pages ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: It’s frustrating sometimes when you explore the web and encount the famous message 404 Error – Page Not Found. I’m pretty sure that after 1 seconds or 2 if there’s nothing that will grab your attention, you’ll leave the page and never come back. So it’s good to take in consideration customizing the 404 page and prevent the users leaving your website.

Submission + - San Francisco Considers Ban on All Pet Sales

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "The LA Times reports that the Humane Pet Acquisition Proposal is on its way to the Board of Supervisors of San Francisco, the California city named for the patron saint of animals, that would ban the sale of dogs and cats, birds and hamsters, guppies, gobies, gouramies, glowlight tetras, and German blue rams — in fact, any animal that walks, flies, swims, crawls or slithers — unless you plan to eat it. Representatives of the $45-billion to $50-billion-a-year pet industry call the San Francisco proposal "by far the most radical ban we've seen" nationwide and argue that it would force small operators to close. Animal activists say it will save small but important lives, along with taxpayer money, and end needless suffering. "From Descartes on up, in the Western mindset, fish and other nonhuman animals don't have feelings, they don't have emotions, we can do whatever we want to them," says Philip Gerrie, coauthor of the proposal. "If we considered them living beings, we would deal with them differently. "People buy small animals all the time as an impulse buy, don't know what they're getting into, and the animals end up at the shelter and often are euthanized," adds commission Chairwoman Sally Stephens. "That's what we'd like to stop." But studies by UC Davis and the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy have shown that only a small fraction of shelter animals were purchased at pet stores and people who buy animals at pet stores are just as committed, emotionally and financially, to caring for their pets as people who procure pets elsewhere. "This is an anti-pet proposal from people who oppose the keeping of pets," says Michael Maddox, general counsel for the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council. "If their goal is to ban the ownership of pets entirely, then this is a good first step.""
The Military

Submission + - Among The Costs Of War: $20B In Air Conditioning ( 1

TechkNighT_1337 writes: The amount the U.S. military spends annually on air conditioning in Iraq and Afghanistan: $20.2 billion.

That's more than NASA's budget. It's more than BP has paid so far for damage during the Gulf oil spill. It's what the G-8 has pledged to help foster new democracies in Egypt and Tunisia.

Submission + - Can't Afford Lawyers? Then It Isn't Fair-Use. (

esocid writes: Artist Waxy, producer of Kind of Bloop, a chiptune tribute to Miles Davis' Kind of Blue, went out of his way to make sure the entire project was above board, licensing all the cover songs from Miles Davis's publisher and giving the total profits from the Kickstarter fundraiser to the five musicians that participated. The album sold for $5,and used a pixellated version of the original cover, done by hand, and thought it qualified as fair use.

In February 2010, attorneys representing the Jay Maisel, the photographer who shot the original photo of Miles Davis used for the cover of Kind of Blue contacted Waxy. In their demand letter, they alleged that the pixellated image was infringing on Maisel's copyright and sought damages up to $150,000 for each download, and $25,000 for DMCA violations. Waxy eventually settled for $32,500.
Waxy and his lawyers firmly believe that the pixel art is "fair use" and Maisel and his counsel firmly disagree. He settled for one reason: it was the least expensive option available.

Comment Re:Let's see Florian Muller spin this ... (Score 1) 154

I applaud you for at least attempting to RTFA. But you didn't read it well enough.

In the three cases where an office action has issued the stats are 66 claims, 16 claims not subject to reexam, 50 claims subject to reexam, 46 claims rejected, and 20 claims surviving

20 claims surviving out of 66 is more like 30%.

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