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Submission + - Google is wardriving ( 1

extremescholar writes: I saw this while reading Planet Debian, acccording to Kees Cook:

So, a while back, Google started providing location services. This seemed pretty cool, but I kind of ignored it until recently when I was playing with my Android’s location API. With the GPS off, and no cell towers visible (my basement gets terrible cell service), my phone knew within about 500 feet of where it actually was. All I was connected to was my wifi.

Bottom line: it seems that Google, among other methods, is likely wardriving while photographing for Street View. They are now able to pinpoint wifi access points if they happened to see it while driving through your city.

I’m really rather astonished that no one is freaking out about this; I’m a bit unnerved. I implemented the location-of-your-wifi API quickly, so I could terrify myself further. You can do lookups via my location website too, if you want.


Submission + - Skype For Asterisk

extremescholar writes: The folks over at Digium are now selling

Skype For Asterisk Single Channel

for $66.00 USD each. According to the description:

Skype For Asterisk is an add-on channel driver for Asterisk based systems. Adding Skype for Asterisk to any Asterisk server enables complete access to the Skype network, including low cost PSTN access and free calling to over 440+ million Skype users.

It can be bought at their store here.

Linux Business

Submission + - Skype For Asterisk beta software

extremescholar writes: On the Digium site, the last mention of Skype for Asterisk is in the Skype For Asterisk Update. At the end, there is a note stating that

We are pleased to announce the open beta of Skype For Asterisk is ready to begin and we look forward to you participation. To obtain your copy of the software, please visit Digium's web store and purchase (for zero dollars) the Skype For Asterisk product... The beta version of software and license keys will only be available for download through August 7th. License keys will expire on August 31st.


Submission + - Xen and Windows Gaming

extremescholar writes: I'm a linux fan and I like to game, who doesn't? I want to run Linux, but I want gaming, but I hate to dual boot. Xen will virtualize machines with near native performance. With a VT enabled processor, I can run Windows in Xen. Here comes the tricky part. With Xen, you can get video that one can VNC to, but what about graphics cards? If I have dual graphics cards, can I not assign one (via Driver Domain Configuration) to the Windows domU? Would this not be the same for Sound and USB ports? Then I can game on?

Submission + - Which Content Management System would YOU use?

extremescholar writes: Dear Lazyweb,

My company is involved in upgrading a customer's manufacturing plant with some $200 Million in projects. We don't want the customer on our network, and they don't want us on theirs; but we want to share data easily and securely. We need some sort of content management system that both Dilbert and the PHB could use for project plans, drawings, schedules, etc. What third party software and/or hosting makes sense? Of course, it must be secure, but is the answer Windchill, Sharepoint, Team Center, etc. I don't think they'd be opposed to throwing $50k at it for two dozen users.

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