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Comment Re:So let's see if I got this straight... (Score -1) 394

When another country does something that the USA doesn't like, the USA gets all up in arms about it and either invades the nation with the intent of "setting them free", or else they impose quite intense political and/or economical pressure on the nation to comply with their expectations.

1. It's not our fault the other countries are pussies. 2. TFA is editorialized to hell, but in short, not giving up a few names is not quite on the same scale as, say, creating a safe haven for a terrorist organization that attacks your country.

Comment Re:Wow (Score -1, Funny) 465

Ironically, you almost hit upon a perfect Score:5 post. You were corporate bashing (I assume, Microsoft and the other companies on Forbes' list), which is always worth a few points. However, you failed to mention a few evil Republicans (by name) that you hate, and you also failed to love, and I mean absolutely love, socialism, statism, and the outright slavery of everyone to the government.

Comment Re:Amen! (Score 0) 212

Google operates fully within the tax law. It just so happens to be they paid very little in the US. Maybe citizens should take note and demand that their tax rates be lowered accordingly. Why is it that corporations can expense away their office buildings but citizens can't expense away their homestead, save some penance of standard deductions. It's foolishness. The solution might not be to hammer corporations, but to make our tax laws more competitive so that our shining star growth industry doesn't have such intense motivation to operate abroad so heavily. We have the second highest tax rate for corporations in the world, with Japan being slightly higher (and their economy has now had nearly 2 lost decades of growth). It's not a popular position on Slashdot, but the truth is, you can't continue to bludgeon the same people you wish would hire all of your friends.

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