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Comment How has recording technology changed your process? (Score 1) 188

Given that you've been creating music from Portastudio days and through the rise (and rise) of digital recording, how much of an effect has the progression of tech (especially in affordable home recording) had on the way you each go about songwriting and ultimately putting together your albums?

I'd love to know where you balance what's done in home production set-ups with bigger studios, what sort of gear you work with where, and where along the line people like Pat Dillet get involved. Are you take half-recorded tracks in to rework? Are you fiddling with mixes and such away from the studio? And are there any production techniques from the 80s that you still rely on, or recent techniques and effects that you avoid?


(Also, please come back to Australia some time soon, we miss you!)

Comment Re:Someone finally gets it! (Score 2, Insightful) 298

Sorry, but having to spend $79 to replace the battery in a $99 iPhone 3GS is just plain idiotic.

I'll preface this by saying that I don't like non-user-replaceable batteries either, even just because you can't take a spare battery if you're not going to be near power for a while.

But you should know better than to say "$99 iPhone 3GS": It cost a lot more than that and it's subsidised by your fixed term service contract with the telco. Although you consider $79 too much, compared to $600 - $800 to purchase the phone outright, it's not wildly out of proportion.

Comment Re:Not a hoax, and not really a stunt... (Score 1) 276

So far as I can tell, nothing they said was untrue, people just read more into it.

It may not have been necessarily untrue, but it was deliberately misleading. The tone implied that they were closing.

But even if that wasn't the case, shutting off the service for several days without notice is still a dick move. I purchased some games late Sunday in the CodeMasters sale only to find out I couldn't download my purchases come Monday morning. I figure that's a very poor way to handle planned downtime for upgrades, and all for a little marketing at the expense of existing paying customers.

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