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Comment Re:No. (Score 3) 329

I used it for my Xbox 360 twice. And on the second occasion I received a gift card for the difference of the original purchase. Best part was, new xbox and controller both times, WITH upgraded HDD's and whatever pack-ins were included at the time. I walked in, grabbed a new xbox, and took it to the exchange counter along with my old one. It was pretty hassle-free, aside from the ridiculously stupid wait times. They need to staff customer service better. Of course, I bought my Xbox going in knowing that it was likely to break, so it wasn't a big gamble to buy the extended warranty. And I imagine they were so used to seeing this by that point that they didn't bother to try and debate with someone bringing in a broken Xbox. That said, my brother had a similar experience with his original xbox and best buy as well. We've also gotten an enormous amount of use out of several other Warranties from retailers for various appliances.

Comment Re:But that's not the real problem. (Score 1) 1651

"If you ditch the need for helmets, more people would start cycling"

I simply don't believe this.

I don't know a single person that doesn't bike because they have to wear a helmet. And I suspect anyone that reports such is just looking for a socially acceptable reason for their lack of exercise.

"You realize that is just a temporary problem"

So we'll just let people get hit by cars until the cars stop being dumb?

Great plan. I've been waiting 100 years for that to happen. Maybe Google will finally solve it.

Believe it. I was just thinking last week that running is really hard on my feet. I run a 5K three days a week. I was considering taking up biking as I figure it's more low impact. Then I thought, crap, but I have to wear a helmet. That was the end of that.

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