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Comment 1password (Score 2, Informative) 1007

If you have a mac, definitely get 1password. It encrypts all of your passwords in a database that is accessed via 1 password that temporarily unlocks it. You can have it generate very long passwords on the fly too to make it very secure. It stores passwords from all websites that can be recalled during a session by pressing apple+\ but it locks after a period of time where it asks for the master password. You can also store secure notes, and keychains from applications.

Comment I feel your pain... (Score 1) 703

I love apple but they do this all the time. When I bought one of the rev A macbook pros and was running into problems with it overheating and the fans not turning on, they would remove all posts discussing that on their website. They are obnoxiously closed lipped when calling them directly as well, it is only engineers way up on the chain of command that have a clue what is going on and the steps that apple is taking to correct it. They wouldn't clue me in at all but out of nowhere one day there was a fix to download from their website. To answer your question, I'm sure they know and are trying to fix it but they are basically trying to cover it up until they have a fix for it. It's too bad really for those of us who are educated about computers because I wish they would just give us the truth about what they were doing. I would respect that a lot more than the way that they currently handle it. It probably stems from the level of secrecy they have to product releases that borders on psychotic...

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