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Comment Easy.. (Score 1) 687

Deter privacy is easy: make a really good product that people want to pay for.

No DRM, no online activation, no nonsense.

If it's worth having, people will pay for it.

Yes, some people will pirate it: only the MAFIAA is stupid enough to think that those people are lost sales. They're marketing opportunities. They wouldn't have bought your product anyway, but if you have a great product that they pirate, they might tell their friends.

Comment Re:Emasculating? (Score 2) 325

Wish I could upvote this.

What a moron. Emasculating. I actually don't have to go to great lengths to prove my masculinity to the other pack members any more. We settled that a few thousand years ago, truth be told.

Your parents probably told you this too, albeit in a different form: if someone really thinks that your choice of mobile phone makes you less of a man, their opinion isn't worth the shit it's spewed out on.

Submission + - Proposed law to curb copyright enforcement excesses gets a good start in Finland (google.com)

luvirini writes: There is a push in Finland to get a citizens law proposal to curb copyright enforcement excesses to be a law. There exists a fairly new mechanism where citizens can directly propose laws if enough voters give their support to that proposal. The proposals then go to the Parliament for voting as any normal law proposal from the government. The proposal has been up for slightly more than two weeks and has almost third of the needed support, so seems to be on good way as the time limit to gather enough support is six months. You can read the google translation of the proposal in here and if you are a Finnish voter you can support it on the Justice Ministry's pages

Submission + - Rapiscan's "backscatter" nude-o-scopes coming to federal buildings (federaltimes.com)

McGruber writes: The Federal Times (http://www.federaltimes.com), a weekly print newspaper published by Ganette Government Media Corp, is reporting (http://www.federaltimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2013302080003) that the Rapiscan Systems “backscatter” passenger screening machines used by the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will likely be redeployed to federal buildings.

Rapiscan System's backscatter machines have exposed passengers to radiation since they were first installed. As previously reported on slashdot (http://yro.slashdot.org/story/13/01/18/0338202/tsa-terminates-its-contract-with-maker-of-full-body-scanner), TSAdecided last month to stop using the machines because the manufacturer was unable to make changes to the machines that were mandated by Congress. Now TSA is attempting to sucker another federal agency into taking the nude-o-scopes. As TSA spokesman David Castelveter explained, "“Hopefully we will be able to deploy them within other government agencies."

Although the media has reported the machines have already been removed from airports, the majority are still in use at US airports — while 76 machines have been removed, another 174 still remain in use at airports. The machines cost about $40 million, based upon a $160,000 per-unit cost.


Submission + - To send a ping to every Internet address only cost 10 hours (securityartwork.es)

nereidsol writes: "Bandwith and computer resources makes Internet a very small place, on this experiment someone send a ping to all the IPV4 Internet only on 10 hours, with a very normal server. http://www.securityartwork.es/2013/01/21/how-much-does-it-take-to-ping-the-whole-internet-12/?lang=en and after that it gives us some stats from the answered packets

Comment Re:Herd Immunity (Score 1) 851



Of course I'm sure you will poo-poo this. "Those scientists, they're all on the take!" or maybe "Sure, but did they actually do research?".

The majority of the articles there are from respectable, peer-reviewed scientific journals. If you don't believe the preponderance of evidence, that is you in the wrong. I'm sure you'll have something to say about that too.

Let me just quote a few things that I found in a few minutes of looking at the link:

"Vaccinated HCWs were less likely than unvaccinated HCWs to report an influenzalike illness. Vaccination with LAIV resulted in fewer episodes of influenzalike illness than did receiving no vaccine."

"No significant side-effects occurred in either group. Compared to the placebo group, individuals receiving the vaccine showed 39.5% fewer episodes of flu-like illness (p 0.001) and 26% fewer days of work lost (p = 0.03). The vaccinated group developed 33% fewer episodes of any severe flu-like illness (p 0.01)."

" With the initiation of the vaccination program for schoolchildren in Japan, excess mortality rates dropped from values three to four times those in the United States to values similar to those in the United States. The vaccination of Japanese children prevented about 37,000 to 49,000 deaths per year, or about 1 death for every 420 children vaccinated. As the vaccination of schoolchildren was discontinued, the excess mortality rates in Japan increased."

"Respiratory illness with fever occurred in 110 infants in the influenza-vaccine group and 153 infants in the control group, with a vaccine effectiveness of 29% (95% CI, 7 to 46). Among the mothers, there was a reduction in the rate of respiratory illness with fever of 36% (95% CI, 4 to 57)."

General source of my knowledge on the subject: a post-graduate degree in microbiology (virology).
I will not be arguing with you about it. This is evidence that supports the safety and efficacy of the influenza vaccine. If you choose not to accept it, that is your problem (and your children's).

Comment Re:Herd Immunity (Score 1) 851

"I've had flu shots for 8 years as a teacher, and I've gotten plenty of flu." If you don't want to be called ignorant, don't make ridiculous ignorant statements. You're a teacher and you don't understand that a cold (man-flu?) is not influenza. Remind me: what's wrong with America's education system again? There is an enormous overwhelming body of evidence that influenza vaccination is effective and safe. Source: virologist colleagues and a post-graduate degree in microbiology (specifically, virology, more specifically RNA viruses).

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