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Comment Only happens in old code (Score 1) 150

On Catalyst 3850s this has been fixed since the release of 3.3.5SE code (release November 2014), so this is old news. Even on older code, the problem can be fixed by using the command "no setup express". I have to say running into this the first time and trying to figure out why the switch had a blank config was a head scratcher...

Submission + - 10 reasons not to get Vista

BillGatesInABikini writes: APC Magazine has an interesting counterpoint [ vista] to the hype leading up to Vista's consumer launch — reasons to not get Vista. Most of the points will be familiar to the /. crowd, but it's a good summary of the key issues for those unaware, and includes some being down played by Microsoft. Interestingly, it looks like Aussies are going to pay through the nose for it too.

Journal Journal: Why "C:\Program Files\" ?!? 2

I've always installed software to the default location authored by the vendor, usually somewhere under "c:\Program Files\". Most installation software vendors (InstallShield, Wise, etc.) tout that location as an "industry standard best practice" for installing software on Windows systems and point to Microsoft's Application Development Guidelines. Now I'm working on the next release of some software that has been installed to a folder on the root of the hard drive for 25 years (that's not a ty

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