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Comment Re:Click bait much? (Score 1) 171

I don't know if this scalping but I don't know why scalping is self evidently wrong. Yes it may be illegal, but scalping is simply buying something and selling at a profit. I do not see why it is anybodies business what someone does with tickets after they buy them. If they wish to use them as toilet paper just to deny other people the ability to watch an event, so be it. That scenario is of course legal but selling at a profit isn't.

I do see scalping as slightly unethical, however I see other similar things that are perfectly legal, but much worse in my eyes, such as drug companies charging exorbitant prices for drug, in effect letting people die in order make some money. The difference is scalpers are generally small time businesses whereas drug companies are multi-billion dollar industries so they can afford to buy off politicians, oops I meant to say lobby.

From the summary, no I didn't read the article. All these people did was take advantage of a tax loophole, google or the president elect of course would never do such a thing,

Comment Re:Dun dun dun (Score 1) 427

Well my house has walls primarily to keep the weather out. Yes it has locks on the doors to keep opportunistic thieves out, I don't think the locks would stop any thief with so much as a crow bar, or a rock though the window. What primarily keeps the thieves out is a society that doesn't allow people to get so desperate that they need to steal to survive.

Yes there are the few that would break in and steal anyway but they are in the minority.

Comment Re:Opinions are worthless (Score 1) 198

Although you are right that a study is the right way to get the answer to the question, opinions matter much more than they should. People are not logical, they will not say your study is accurate, and based on sound principles, we will believe you. They will have there own biases, and keep there options.

If people do not trust automated cars, no matter how safe studies show they are, automated cars will not succeed.

Comment Re:Good News (Score 1) 355

Where does unskilled manual labor pay $100/h in the US. if it is costing you $200/h then you are doing it wrong and you SHOULD go out of business. At no point does it become ethical to use slave labor, bypass laws, safety laws in order to make more money. If the laws are unreasonable should be changed, if safety regulations, (companies never lobby the government to change unreasonable laws, oh wait) worker compensation are reasonable they should be applied to workers no matter where they are.

If you product cannot be produced ethically for a cost that is acceptable to consumers perhaps you should not be producing it at all.

Comment Re:Good News (Score 1, Insightful) 355

What does it matters what it costs, if you have no job to pay for it, or food.

Sure you can get a cheaper phone, with free trade, but that is because produced by effectively slave labor overseas. Guess who gets to keep the lions share of the benefit? While the average workers assets slowly degrade to nothing, buying trinkets that quickly fall apart or go out of date.

This is what get when the only metric you judge success by is how much money is going into someone pocket.

Now they want to own ideas, so you can't even use them without paying a price. Guess what every day people have good ideas all the time, they just don't patient every dam thought that crosses there mind. Even if they did they couldn't afford to defend those patients in court. Ideas are most benefit when they are shared and built upon freely, but that doesn't count to the almighty GDP.

Comment Re:A double has more precision than an int32_t (Score 1) 497

Doubles my have more precision, you start getting inaccurate very quickly when you start using decimal points,
if you want accuracy for things like currency you are better to use something like cents instead of dollars, than a double 0.01 is actually
0.01000000000000000020816681711721685132943093776702880859375, that may not seem like much out but start multiplying or doing running totals you will get out significantly. Of course if you stick to integers doubles will be fine as long as you do not exceed a 53 bits.

There are a lot of decimal number that you cannot represent exactly a binary decimal, just like you can't represent 1/3 in decimal, but easy in ternary 0.1

Comment Re:Wait physicists? (Score 1) 497

floats use scientific base 2 not base 10, so it is obvious why 0.1 = 0.100000001490116119384765625,
its because it has to represented ?.??????????????????? x 2^x where ? is either 0 or 1, if we counted in base 2 it would be fine but we don't so we get non obvious results.

also in scientific notation there is no negate zero

Comment Re:Going by this logic (Score 1) 436

That probably says more about his opinion of voters, than anything else.

Unless that statement meaningless nonsense, by defining some as more than one. Of course you can fool some people. If some people is significant number then that becomes a problem.

You should always take all information with some level of skepticism, whether it is from Facebook, other internet source, TV news, news paper, preacher, monarch or religious leader.

He has no way of telling what proportion of people believe lies posted on facebook, or any other (dis)information source.

Trust me, random guy on internet.

Comment Re:Well ... yeah. (Score 1) 127

I don't think smart watches are a failure, they are before there time, they don't provide the functionality required to make them useful enough, because the technology isn't there yet.

What I want is one that doesn't require a phone, has better input (maybe voice, maybe detects hand movement, don't know), maybe a projector. maybe some form of kinetic charging.

This was the same with phone, the iPhone was not the first smart phone, but had the right level of marketing, usability to make smartphones popular.

Comment Re:Sorry, Tim... (Score 1) 394

There is no free payment system full stop, cash or electronic, banks charge cash handling fees for large cash deposits, they charge monthly fees, and charges, they may simply pay less interest, they WILL recoup their costs and make a profit.

Unless you deal only with people who store their money under a "mattress" some money will go to management of the transaction, even if it is stored under the "mattress" you need to pay for the mattress, and securing it. I also assume the government uses taxes to print money.

Comment Re: Why even have elections? (Score 1) 437

I am not at all convinced he is an idiot, (don't get me wrong most of the things that he says are stupid) he is at least a semi successful business man who has ripped of plenty of people. He has manipulated a significant portion of the population into supporting him, with his hate speech. You can't do that being a total moron. What I am convinced of is he only cares only about himself, it doesn't mater if you are a woman, man, Mexican, Arab, ... or a White middle class American, if it is in his best interest, he will screw you, given half the chance,

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