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Comment Re:Meh... (Score 2) 82

The porn industry isn't dead, dying or anywhere close, the staggering there is array of porn available, possibly too much.

The problem is that these people see is that they can't make millions selling porn, well boo hoo. Your in business deal with the environment your are in, or fail.

This industry is an example of how piracy although prevalent has not stopped a wide variety of content being produced.

Comment Re:"Technologically impossible?" (Score 1) 219

The only way you can prevent fraud is allow people to check what they voted for is what they voted for. If you write down your vote on a piece of paper you know what you have written doesn't get changed behind your back, you can't do that with electronic voting.

If you allow people to check then you can always force them to check who they voted for in front of you. Maybe you have multiple passwords, each resulting in a different checked result, only the person knows which one is correct. However in this scenario if someone lies and says an election is fraudulent how would you prove it.

That being the case, I am not sure how completely anonymous paper voting will be in the future with facial recognition, and reading ticks, what is stopping someone putting a small camera watching you vote.

Comment Re:Waste of money. (Score 3, Insightful) 71

Let me see? Space is quite big, unimaginably big in fact, and it is very likely there will be insane amounts resources out there on mostly dead planets, with no ecological harm done to anyone. Not to mention we can only examine a insignificant fraction of it in any detail, i.e. not through inferring information from specs of electromagnetic radiation.

Yes we are a long way from exploring even our solar system in any great detail or harvesting any resources, however if we do not make a start, because we keep saying whats the immediate payback? We will never get there. We also are currently benefiting space technology such as communications, GPS, and the government being able to better spy on us, oops the last one might not be a benefit.

As for people suffering, yes there are, but it isn't through lack of resources, it is through our greed, fear and hate. In the US 40% of food produced is waste. Obesity is a problem. Obesity kills 3 times as many people as malnutrition worldwide, (, OK the malnourished are probably more likely to young children, but still we clearly have enough resources. There are 7 billion people in the world, if a few thousand concentrate on building rockets, it is not going stop the rest of us coming up with a solution. In order to fix suffering we need social/political solution not a scientific one.

Comment Re:I like technology (Score 1) 213

Why should we all starve if we can produce goods and services (this includes food) without the need to employ people. If we need more people to produce that food then they won't be unemployed will they? If we don't and there is enough food, and other resources why should anybody starve? The only thing that needs to change is the way we distribute the needed goods and services in the first place. It seems like a minor problem compared with actually producing the goods and services in the first place.

Comment Re:Marketing is a four-letter word (Score 1) 195

Have you actually read any of these terms and condition most of them that they can be changed, even mortgage agreement that effect the biggest asset that most people have, have such clauses.

Part of contract law states you must have a "meeting of minds", how can this be the case if it contains a clause saying on party can change the conditions at their will. And it is not Ok to say well you can just stop using the service if you don't like it. You have invest time and effort in that product, you will not be compensated for transferring to another one.

Comment Re:classy actions (Score 1) 122

Clauses that cannot be enforced should be illegal, and punishable by law. They serve give the impression that you have less rights than you have. Most people are not lawyers, so even if they read the agreement it cannot reasonably be assumed they know which clause are not applicable. It is not reasonable that consumers seek legal advice before purchasing a DVD or a video game.

Comment Re:How much is the fine for false information? (Score 2) 129

mandatory voting is OK as long as long as the following options are available:
1. None of the above you are all bunch of self serving morons.
2. How the hell should I know? I haven't got enough information to make an informed decision, so you want me to vote to introduce random noise in the vote to distill the vote of people who actually care. Go major parties.

Comment Crimes will always go unsolved (Score 1) 254

thousands of crimes remained unsolved

That will always be the case crimes go unsolved, it is about having a balance between personal rights and solving crimes. Imagine how much easier if there was a video camera everywhere. Rape would no longer be a matter of who you believe, we would have video evidence of the incident. But we need to balance privacy with catching every offender.

Comment Re:No such thing as Apple-only backdoor (Score 3, Informative) 254

The whole thing is an oxymoron

law enforcement officials did not need an encryption "backdoor," sidestepping a concern of computer-security experts and device makers alike. Instead, Vance said, he only wanted the encryption standards rolled back to the point where the companies themselves can decrypt devices

Making encryption standards so weak so that the company/person writing the software, can bypass them, is the very definition of a back door.

Comment This main reason I didn't like windows 8 (Score 1) 412

I haven't used windows 10 yet, but from the moment I installed windows 8 it felt like I was looking at a store front, starting with making it difficult not create a Microsoft account. Having to go to a shop to install an upgrade.

I want my computer to belong to me and not a vehicle for a company to advertise to me or my children. The mac is better they have a store but it isn't so in your face.

Comment Almost always justifiable (Score 4, Insightful) 765

If the employee is so angry or annoyed that they are willing to leave without notice, it is probably best that they are just allowed to leave.

Do you really want a disgruntled employee, serving your customers, maintaining your IT system, managing your finances, ... for two weeks?

It maybe in the contract but it makes no sense to force someone to stay unless they are very closely supervised.

Comment Re: Yes, definitely assholes (Score 1) 440

Although I am not arguing if autopilot is safer or not, I just don't know.

A lot fewer people own cars that are capable of autopilot and even those who own a car with that capability probably don't drive all the time relying expressly against manufactures instruction.

In order to have a fair comparison you need to know how many accidents under similar driving conditions, and how far each has type has driven without that information 1 maybe a lot of maybe just a few.

There are 255.8 million cars in the US. Tesla I believe has sold about 70,000 world wide ( Even assuming every one of those is autopilot capable, and the owners use it exclusively, and every one was sold in the US multiplying it by the number to even out ownership rates for that 1 fatality you would get 3654 fatalities.

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