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Comment This main reason I didn't like windows 8 (Score 1) 361

I haven't used windows 10 yet, but from the moment I installed windows 8 it felt like I was looking at a store front, starting with making it difficult not create a Microsoft account. Having to go to a shop to install an upgrade.

I want my computer to belong to me and not a vehicle for a company to advertise to me or my children. The mac is better they have a store but it isn't so in your face.

Comment Almost always justifiable (Score 4, Insightful) 765

If the employee is so angry or annoyed that they are willing to leave without notice, it is probably best that they are just allowed to leave.

Do you really want a disgruntled employee, serving your customers, maintaining your IT system, managing your finances, ... for two weeks?

It maybe in the contract but it makes no sense to force someone to stay unless they are very closely supervised.

Comment Re: Yes, definitely assholes (Score 1) 440

Although I am not arguing if autopilot is safer or not, I just don't know.

A lot fewer people own cars that are capable of autopilot and even those who own a car with that capability probably don't drive all the time relying expressly against manufactures instruction.

In order to have a fair comparison you need to know how many accidents under similar driving conditions, and how far each has type has driven without that information 1 maybe a lot of maybe just a few.

There are 255.8 million cars in the US. Tesla I believe has sold about 70,000 world wide ( Even assuming every one of those is autopilot capable, and the owners use it exclusively, and every one was sold in the US multiplying it by the number to even out ownership rates for that 1 fatality you would get 3654 fatalities.

Comment Re: He wants Trump? (Score 3, Insightful) 742

What theory? that corporations fund election campaigns? That there are lobbiers sponsored by companies, whose entire job is to convince politicians. That senators get high paying executive jobs after they leave.

Companies don't do it out of the kindness of there heart they do it because it gets them political influence, which makes them money.

These aren't even secret. There are conspiracy theories that are probably nonsense, like the moon landing but this is not one of them.

The theory people with money will use it to seek power, in not a conspiracy theory it is human nature.

Comment Re:An easier sollution (Score 1) 1144

Ok lets see, some guy walks into a crowed bar, caring an assault rife, all good since everybody does that. Lets say he kills 3 people before anybody has time to react. 100 drunk people panicked pull out there guns, most of them didn't see who shot they just heard the shot. How do they tell who did or do they just start shooting people pointing guns? Which is everyone. You could probably kill just as many buy shooting up in the air and letting everyone kill each other.

Yeah no problems there. That doesn't include the increased number of accidental deaths caused by everyone having a deadly weapon handy all the time.

Armies wear uniforms for a reason, and it isn't so the enemy can recognize them.

Comment Re:Islam is unique (Re:An easier sollution) (Score 1) 1144

No you are comparing the interpretation of one extreme individual, to the more moderate views of the American society. There are plenty of Muslim organization in the US that have condemned his actions.

from wikipedia:

In November 2015, Robert Lewis Dear killed three and injured nine at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado.[119] Dear voiced on several occasions his support for radical Christian views and interpretations of the Bible, and praised people who attacked abortion providers, saying they were doing "God's work." He also described members of the Army of God, a loosely organized group of anti-abortion Christian extremists that has claimed responsibility for a number of killings and bombings, as heroes.[120] In May 1991, Dear was arrested and convicted in Charleston, for the unlawful carrying of a "long blade knife" and illegal possession of a loaded gun.[121] A woman who was married to Dear from 1985 to 1993 told NBC News that Dear had targeted a Planned Parenthood clinic before, by putting glue on its locks, and had a history of violent behavior. In the court document for their 1993 divorce, his ex-wife said, "He claims to be a Christian and is extremely evangelistic, but does not follow the Bible in his actions. He says that as long as he believes he will be saved, he can do whatever he pleases. He is obsessed with the world coming to an end."

Does that mean that is the view of Christians in the US? No of course not it is the view of some nut job.

If you continue to persecute Muslims you will not create, less but more nut jobs, they will see you as the enemy just like you see them.

What the USA needs is a better mental health system, and perhaps gun laws that prevent selling guns people with known psychiatric disorders. Oops, I am now waiting for the response if everyone had a gun this would never have happened. I can just see the carnage that would happen if every moron started shooting a gun at the first sign of trouble. The US gun ownership is more than 1.126 gun per person that helped didn't it.

Comment Re: people finally realizing their privacy has va (Score 1) 151

Sorry I meant social media in which people tell me what, they have done today, and post pictures of cats, or themselves.
Like the ones referred to in the article e.g. Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook. Although slashdot is social media, to me it is different in the fact it is a "news" on which you comment, as opposed to "news" coming from individuals.

Wikipedia is also technically social media, and I use that too, but it is worlds apart from Facebook.

Comment Re: people finally realizing their privacy has va (Score 3, Insightful) 151

Your view wasn't suppressed, people can still read it no matter how bigoted it is. You have absolutely every right to state your opinions, and people have absolutely every right to call you a moron for having them. The rating is what the majority of people think of your opinion.

Maybe if your had any evidence to support it apart from people are using social media less implies people are tired of not being racist because you say so, you may have been rated higher.

Your argument makes no sense what so ever, in the first post you say you want to ban other races from social media, then you say censorship is bad, but you want stop other races from making posts. Oh right you probably think other races aren't people. So you should have no problem with them thinking you aren't a person either, and it is OK to kill you. I guess logic isn't your strong suit is it.

In fact since you where modded down implies that most people on slashdot disagree with you, since slashdot moderation is a form voting.

I for one do not use social media, because it is a huge waste of time. If it actually exposed me to more foreign people and their opinions I might use it more.

Comment Re:Accounting rules are craazzyy (Score 1) 63

It kind of makes sense to me: I am not an accountant but here goes:

You sell a the punch card for $100, you now owe the customer $100 worth of services (lets assume you close down tomorrow you would have to pay them back $100). So you have not made any money what so ever just like if you borrow $100 from a bank you did not make $100.

Every time they use the punch card you now owe them $10 less so you made $10, your profit is $10 minus whatever it cost you to provide the goods and services.

The fact that they never expire goes in the favor it not being income. If they did expire the moment they do then that would probably count as income at that point too.

I understand that they may have the cash vouchers, but technically they also have the liability to honor them for ever.

Comment Re:Have some sanity checks in loser pays... (Score 1) 571

I think the sane solution is to actually limit spending on both sides, In a fair legal system the person who wins should be the one with the better legal case, not the one with the most money.

The legal system is supposed to be fair, money should not buy you power over the legal system. I understand that this goes against the American philosophy of money should buy you power. The American dream of being rich and screwing the little guy. This also goes for the political system as well. Spending money is free speech and so forth.

I actually don't see why you couldn't have a system where both parties present their cases with non-lawyers and a judge decides the legal implications or informs a jury of the legal issues. I understand this is the case for small claims, but why not for larger cases too?

Or maybe allow entities to spend millions of dollars in their claims/defense if they truly believe the case is so complicated that it needs that money to be spent, but for every dollar they spend give their opponent the same value for their legal fees so they can mount an equally complicated defense.

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 4, Insightful) 571

Not being able to sue over someone outside of small claims court for a $40 printer is not a Utopian society it is plain common sense.

Deporting what I assume are citizens, over a what is essentially a minor dispute, no one was killed, or hurt in the matter. Is essentially the same type insane overreaction that causes a $40 dispute to escalate to a $30K court case. If someone just keeps suing give them a warning or two that if they continue to do so they will be band from filing any further legal action.

This is not the fault of Zavodnik, it is the fault of the legal system that allowed it in the first place. Any sane judge should have just awarded one of them $40, any sane court of appeal should just have told the person who filed the appeal, stop wasting our time, and charged them a couple of hundred dollars in admin fees.

There no need for utopia here.

Comment Re:Physical vs. Virtual (Score 1) 380

If you had a market place where all sales and purchases where registered you could guarantee that a seller didn't sell a copy more than once. That way you could be assured that seller making multiple copies. The copy could be digitally signed with a serial number. It isn't perfect but you couldn't commit fraud (i.e. lying that you are selling your copy) on a massive scale.

I would go to such a place, and I think most people would, because I think most people are honest most of the time. Sure you would get people pirating copies (as you do now) but what proportion of those are people who would have never bought a copy anyway, is up for debate. A certain level of dishonesty happens in the world anyway, and we can try to reduce it, but it a balancing act between the cost society of enforcing it and the benefit that returns. So we have to live with a certain level of dishonesty.

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