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Comment They have a 100% accurate translation? (Score 1) 97

How do you get 100% accurate translation anyway? These things are up to interpretation, not all words have an exact translation, meaning is more important than the actual correct words. Language is ambiguous.

Also every error is not necessarily equal, some errors are irrelevant, while some are more important, e,g. the quick car, or the fast car, mean the same thing.

Comment Re:You keep using that word (Score 1) 284

The word would be popular not open. It is not even the most popular if you include mobile. But your argument seems to arguing which is more accessible. The word "open" has a very specific meaning here and he is trying to dilute it.

Linux is more accessible to developers, (no need to buy anything to write drivers), any develop can download it and write for free.
Linux is more accessible to IT and even users, it is free do download and install for anybody, windows is not. Since linux very popular for servers, which IT have more control over I would say IT think linux is more accessible.

Linux desktop will never catch on until it comes pre-loaded the computer and games run on it. The average user just doesn't care what OS is loaded, they can still run their applications. IT professional actually need advanced operating system functionality that is why they take the time to install Linux.

Comment Re:Can't even match Cygwin (Score 2) 163

Not by all accounts at all, there system is more like a VM that you can run linux in.

for example want to git, go apt-get install git great but if you want to use it outside of the shell install it again for windows.

cygwin I can run windows executables in it and cygwin executables from windows.

accessing the linux file system is a bit contrived from windows, some app data directory under the users directory I think

ping, sudo doesn't work (at least when I tried it)

For now I will stick to cygwin

Comment Re: As it should be (Score 1) 230

Maybe, maybe not, what I was saying is that it is not obvious that it is safer. The tests that are currently done are under limited conditions with human supervisors.

Having you seen the DARPA robotics challenge https://www.youtube.com/watch?... although impressive and more general purpose than self driving cars, they are still slow and prone to failure at tasks that humans find easy. It is not at all obvious that sticking one of these in front of the wheel will be safer.

This testing also only tests a particular software/hardware version, you are not including the possibility of a software update with a bug, killing thousands if not millions of people.

Comment Re: As it should be (Score 3, Insightful) 230

Robot may or may not be better, but to say humans are the worst drivers imaginable is a hyperbole. I suppose you let your dog drive because it is safer.

the population of the US is 318 million (I assume that 30,000 is in the US), that is 0.009% of people die, sure it could better. 13,322 people die from falls, given that walking is so much slower are we even worse at walking.

To me it is not apparent that less people will die, if robots drive, you need actual evidence and testing, not wild statements about how bad people are.driving you need use actual facts.

If I died every time my computer had a blue screen I would be dead a long time ago.

Comment Re: The Self Reward Syndrome (Score 1) 210

`In that case now we know all this. We shouldn't have an obesity epidemic right? We know much more about calorie intake and expenditure than we knew 100 years ago. We are all the right weight right?

The fact is that you can force the yourself to loose weight this way, but doing it permanently is extremely hard, your metabolism adapts and slows down to compensate, you cannot do exercise, or maintain a diet you don't like for the rest of your life. We naturally try to conserve energy.

We have been counting calories for at least 30 years now. What we have been doing is clearly not working for the vast majority of people, it is time we took a look at it and found a better way. My personal belief (although not scientifically proven) is we should be designing walk -able communities, that exercise is just a part of life. And making healthy food more convenient and satisfying. A salad may even be tasty but not after eating did I think I was full.

Comment Re: Nobody knows yet (Score 1) 165

Of course there will be access, it may not be complete and at the same level as it was but it will still be there. And it will allow the UK to form agreements with other countries. There are plenty of countries that are not part of the EU that do perfectly well.

As for leverage that is historical, 1/6 1/2 of trade the UK can go other places once it is free the EU bureaucracy the EU cannot, it is still bound by the same rules. There are plenty of countries that are eager to enter into trade agreements with the UK.

Life will go on, Europe does not fear the UK failing, it fears that it will succeed, that would mean that other countries may also leave the EU as well, once the unfounded fear is gone.

Comment Re:Good Lord... (Score 2) 412

Agreed I don't find pictures of a child going potty, sexual, and hopefully the vast majority rest of society doesn't either.

Also why do you assume its the Dad, my wife used to take photos of my children doing things naked. I didn't like it. Mainly because people like you that somehow think a nude child is somehow sexual, and because I thought it maybe embarrassing for them later. But I understood I was being a bit over the top.

I have a problem getting my children to keep their cloths on, I am working on making them ashamed of their body though.

Comment Re:Childish... (Score 2) 412

I do, unless they where sexualized then they are there photos (In that case they should be arrested either way), the probably should not post them if their daughter does not like them, but it should not be a matter for the legal system, the family should sort it out between themselves.

By extension all photos your parents take should not be published until the child is old enough to give legal consent, who should have the right to decide on any image shouldn't you?

From a legal standpoint they where the legal guardians at the time and had the right to give consent and copyright to themselves or anyone the chose.

Once again making someone slightly uncomfortable, merits legal action.

Comment Re:I wonder why? (Score 1) 206

as long as you don't install anything on your phone the issue is not that the retailer get access is that apps may get access to your financial details

retailer don't need to get card details with chip and pin either.

It is much simpler to secure an interface that does to challenge response (ok I don't believe chip and pin do this yet) when I do a physical action, than an internet capable general purpose computer that you install arbitrary software on.

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