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Comment Re:Make it easier (Score 1) 562

Reading would then require you to actually sound out what you're reading (aloud or in your head) so that you can discern the spoken value of the syllable, and then infer from the context which of the homophones is the intended one. It's like having to speak in order to read.

Seems like that would shoot the shit out of being able to read at any decent speed. You probably don't notice it (yet) because your ability to read is still so poor that you don't notice the extra second or so that it takes you to figure out what's written.

You essentially cut your reading speed down below that at which you can "speak". It's a very similar problem as to why it's so painful to input Chinese with a Roman keyboard. You have to figure out what tone it is, then you get a chooser to pick between all of the (sometimes lengthy list of) homophones. The homophone-space is incredibly small given the huge semantic space of the (any) language.

Comment Re:Scheme and beyond (Score 1) 384

Kids today just don't appreciate the art that ASCII is. It is hard to make a modern case for an ASCII development environment.
I don't always ASCII, but when I do, I emacs -- because it's the most interesting editor in the world. Stay meta, my friends.

People are entitled to favor "vi' if they'd like, because some people choose to be wrong, and that's their choice.

Comment Re:Scheme and beyond (Score 1) 384

Emacs, lisp/scheme... what's the difference?
What's to learn in "vi/vim" -- ooooh, you can make a keyboard macro. From Emacs you can pwn the world, hello!
Emacs is the original IDE -- of any consequence (errr, excepting perhaps Smalltalk, which never landed very many seats, sadly).

Comment Mixed up (Score 1) 620

I disagree and think that police should be allowed to be filmed in public places at all times, to help keep them honest.
At the same time, if I were being loaded into an ambulance by police, in the midst of a violent mental health breakdown, I would really appreciate it if the police stopped people from filming me. That's not something you want out spread around the internet.

So, basically, you're all for truth and justice, except when it's inconvenient for you.
Wow. Does anyone listen to themselves anymore?

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