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Journal evought's Journal: Iraq Open Letter

I have written a paper called An Open Letter to Supporters of the Iraq War About Ron Paul. It summarizes a lot of the views I have expressed in various posts here including a bit of information on my experience with the military as it relates to the situation.

This article talks about the Iraq War debate from the point of view of a conservative Republican in support of a Republican candidate, concern for long-term national defense, and a rational foreign policy. A broad case for orderly redeployment is made militarily, politically, and economically, starting with why the debate is necessary and patriotic to begin with. (~4500 words)

It should be going up in html on a site that can handle some traffic, probably Lew Rockwell's, but in the meantime, I have PDF up for download. It is produced with Docbook and I can provide it in a variety of formats if anyone wants copies or wants to host it.

I also developed a rather nice set of Ant rules for this and a few other papers that I use on my Mac to automate document production if anyone is interested. It validates, generates multiple formats including dependencies, converts graphics, zips output, tracks external dependencies (stylesheets, DTD, Fop library) and some goodies. There really do not seem to be a lot of (free) ready made tools or even reasonably complete examples for doing this.

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Iraq Open Letter

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