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Comment Interesting take on this... (Score 1) 728

So, someone writes something that could be construed as hate speech in Germany, which is a crime, right?

Some other person, in Germany, instructs their browser to download that hate speech.

Who is guilty of the crime of hate speech? The person who wrote it legally, or the person who brought it into Germany illegally?

Let that one simmer for a while.

Remember, servers don't PUSH pages, they are REQUESTED, so Facebook is certainly not guilty here.

I'll go get some popcorn...

Comment Re:Hahah (Score 1) 246

Well, that's the criminal system for you. It just punishes wrongdoing without trying to fix the cause.

In all fairness, the kid's parents should be in jail with him, since they are responsible for their kids' actions, no?

If there were proper counseling and guidance enforced in a case like this, and removal from society if attitude adjustment is not proven by a trained psychologist after a set time, then things might improve. But, it's far more profitable to throw people in prison, I guess.

Comment Re:Translation: (Score 1) 636

Quite a few massive corporations have only the mightly dollar as master, and that does not make them very good corporations.

More than just unionize on one single act, of a business, corporations should be put on a index to how well they are serving the community. Then informed people can vote with their wallets, and only support corporations that actively improve the lives of everyone, not just the select few.

Now, what is the best way to index corporations on how well they are serving the community?

Comment Re:dupe (Score 1) 303

Have any of you ever considered that if we figured out a way to make synthetic meat that tastes as good as the real thing for cheaper that there would be no more cows, apart from in zoos?

With no economical incentive to raise and slaughter cows, we'll just kill them all, and re-purpose the land to grow beef in vats.

Comment Re:Intellectual Property (Score 1) 147

To expand a little on this.
A product of the intellect can never be property, in the sense that it is not a tangible thing.

At most, information can be hidden or restricted in some sense, but eventually it will either be completely lost, or be completely free.
Think of it like water in the wilderness, always flowing to the sea.
We humans can pick it up, bottle it, sell it, etc. etc, but eventually it will return to nature, and water is a lot more tangible than some idea someone thought up, or some arrangement of bits in a computer.

So, as long as people are trying to restrict the free flow of knowledge/ideas, other people will pirate and copy and do whatever they can get away with.
This is how it is.

Comment Re:Grub? (Score 1) 355

Well, it's more than that.
What we really need is that a motherboard or laptop with secureboot on must be labeled as such.
I got an HP ENVY dv7, and it took me nearly an hour to get it to boot linux from the CD-ROM, and then another bit of time to re-partition to non GPM...
If I knew just how hard they are trying to keep the laptop windows only, I would have bought something else.
The only real way of knowing that before turning on the hardware is by a sticker on it at the shop: "Trusted Computing/ Secureboot" on this computer... then I would be able to effectively vote with my wallet, and I am sure that I am not alone.

Comment Shameless plug! (Score 1) 103

Hey, this is in my hometown, and the Yacht Club is one of my favorite hangouts. When they broke the record, there was quite a bit of cheering and booze going around. And the next day it was even more windy - go figure. Seriously, though... this is seriously fast. The fastest I have ever been on water was in a fast rescue boat, and that could only manage 36kt, while this baby was touching 60kt... they are currently doing some checking and final preparation, and then will try again to break the 60kt barrier. Interesting fact... several sailing speed records are held in Walvis Bay... look it up sometime!

Comment So, it lets 15% through? (Score 1) 299

Much better, MS, but you will be hard pressed to find a UNIX derivative being able to run 15% of malware out there. Much better, and a definite improvement, but nothing compared to true security. I wonder how this could be spun into something positive, unless you are comparing it to previous versions of MS only.

Comment Re:It's not broken. (Score 1) 1154

I happen to use KDE, and like it. It's far more polished than any of the other offerings, and more importantly, I can set it up the way I like, for whichever machine I use.

Sure it uses a lot of system resources, but as a video editor, I have a lot of resources spare, and I enjoy the eye-candy.

Besides, not many distrobutions do not supply KDE in some form.

-Evert Vorster-

Comment Re:It's not broken. (Score 1) 1154

You know what the main roadblock is to Linux on the desktop adoption?


If Linux had a multibillion dollar industry advertizing it, it would be where Android is today. In fact, Android is a rather good example of what I am talking about.

So, If you DO have a gripe about the Linux desktop, file some bugs, or, if you are able, write some apps. Make it into something you enjoy using, and most probably someone else might do the same.

Anyways, what is it with the Linux on the Desktop crusade for the last week? People will use what they want. If you want to have more people using Linux, advertize it.

-Evert Vorster-

Comment Re:It's not broken. (Score 1) 1154

I fully agree. I am in the same situation, a happy linux user for the last decade.

I was forced to use Windows 7 from a fresh install the other day. What a mess! Nothing worked, and no apps were installed. Then the constant nagging that I might be using counterfeit software until I had a network connection and could register the software online. Then drivers had to be downloaded for everything, and windows carried on nagging about firewalls and anti-virus....

As a happy Linux user, I can tell you that you don't miss the real freedom Linux gives you until you have to use a lesser OS.

Don't change a thing about linux, and it's desktop.... just wait for people to cotton on to what it is that makes it far superior to anything else out there.

-Evert Vorster-

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