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Comment You know what you did was wrong. (Score 1) 233

I'm sure somebody will parse these comments to see how well this advertising move worked out. I have no new issue with Plantronics, somebody probably sold them that Slashdot is a great way to reach tech nerds and IT guys that can influence buying decisions. I can't blame them for targeted advertising, and though I won't be buying or recommending their kit that has nothing to do with this advertisement. Slashdot however has screwed up. You guys aren't dumb, you know why commenters would object to this. You knew in advance it wouldn't go over welI because you can't sit in nerd-stew this long without picking up the flavour of the community. We had a good run but you've tossed in the towel. Shame on you.

Comment Re:Where's India's domestic economy? (Score 5, Insightful) 1144

Whether you agree with the outcome or not, foreign labor has helped to reduce the price of many of the goods and services that westerners rely on every day. India has allowed us to save $0.05, $5, $50, maybe $500 on a consumer goods at the cost of our manufacturing base.

The reason your typical Dell computer costs $400 is because they can ship part of the costs of support out to India. The same is true of big-box retailers like Walmart selling t-shirts and teapots cranked out in Chinese, Indian, and Indonesian factories for substantially less than local boutiques like American Apparel that sell US-made goods. Part of what you're paying for is branding, distribution chain inefficiency, fashion, etc. but it's important not to discount the labor cost--no matter how small--because that's all part of the race to the bottom.

If you don't like outsourced IT for any reason--"I don't like China's stance on Tibet" is as good a reason as "I find their accent makes resolving a problem over the telephone difficult"--then don't buy from companies that use it. You'll probably have to pay more for it, but nobody said having principles and sticking to them wouldn't require some sacrifices. Chances are good you'll find it's not as expensive as you think and a lot of times you'll end up with a better product/service because of it.

The masses have spoken: saving a few bucks is worth it. If you don't like it--vote with your dollars and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Arguing for government regulation so that american workers don't' have to be competitive is ridiculous. Screaming nonsense like "India hasn't done a damned thing for the USA" is rediculous when you consider the role workers in developing nations play in producing the products that fuel every aspect of our lives.

Comment Re:what a joke (Score 4, Informative) 278

They did. All of Microsoft's Macintosh applications still runs in the Rosetta processor emulation environment. Macs with Intel processors have been shipping for more than a year and no fix is expected until the second half of this year. There wasn't a version of Microsoft Office that worked in OS X until after Apple had released 10.1 - before that it ran in the classic environment.

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