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Submission + - German Scientists Develop "Omega-3 Sausage"

Submission + - Smart Citizen Kit launches -- monitor everything but the kitchen sink

eviltangerine writes: On kickstarter they're launching this "Smart Citizen Kit" that apparently allows you to monitor your ambient: Temperature, Humidity, CO, NO2, Light intensity, and Sound level. Sounds a bit like Wunderground's PWS' but with more sensors and hopefully more distribution. It's also been highlighted elsewhere on the web too. Any ideas for what else we could do with this? Also, any word on how to add a zombie-sensor... ya know, it'd be good to be able to crowd-source their movements when the zombie apocalypse occurs.

Submission + - Intel's Linux OpenGL Driver Faster Than Apple's OS X Driver (

An anonymous reader writes: The open-source Intel Linux graphics driver has hit a milestone of now being faster than Apple's own OpenGL stack on OS X. The Intel Linux driver on Ubuntu 13.04 is now clearly faster than Apple's internally-developed Intel OpenGL driver on OS X 10.8.3. when benchmarked from a "Sandy Bridge" class Mac Mini. Only some months ago, Apple's GL driver was still trouncing the Intel Linux Mesa driver.

Submission + - Apple Leads the Way on Taxes (

mtrachtenberg writes: I've decided I'm only going to pay $5 in federal taxes this year, following Apple's "we'll pay what we want to pay" strategy. The strategy is outlined in this article from the always excellent Guardian newspaper.

Submission + - 3D printers for peace contest 1

Bas_Wijnen writes: 3D printing is being condemned in the media because of the potential for printing guns. Engineers at Michigan Tech believe there is far more potential for 3D printers to make our lives better rather than killing one another. To encourage thinking about constructive uses of 3D printing technology Michigan Tech Open Sustainability Technology (MOST) Lab and Type A Machines sponsor the first 3-D Printers for Peace Contest.

Designers are encouraged to consider: If Mother Theresa of Ghandi had access to 3D printing what would they print? What kind of designs could help reduce military spending and conflict while making us all safer and more secure?

Anyone in the United States may enter and there is no cost to enter.

Jellyfish Swimming Is Mixing the Oceans 47

eviltangerine writes "A new article from LiveScience suggests that marine creatures, such as the jellyfish, may contribute as much to ocean mixing as wind and tides. Wired is also covering the story and includes a video of the jellyfish in action. From the article, 'The mere act of swimming implies that some water travels with the swimmer,' said CalTech engineer Kakani Katija, co-author of the study in Nature Wednesday. 'Drift applies to all animals, to anything with a body.' No word yet on when the jellyfish blender is to debut."

Submission + - Jellyfish Swimming is mixing the oceans (

eviltangerine writes: A new article out of Nature suggests that marine creatures, such as the jellyfish, may contribute as much to ocean mixing as wind and tides. Wired is also covering it and includes a video of the jellyfish in action.

These "could have a profound influence on climate models, which do not now account for this so-called biogenic mixing. If swimming generates tide-scale forces, then 'it has an impact on global climate. This is a rather novel twist to the whole climate story,' said William Dewar, a Florida State University oceanographer. 'How one would extend existing models to include a biosphere mixing input is not clear, largely because no-one has spent much time thinking about it.'" Link to the Nature article here (pricey registration required)

No word yet on when the jellyfish blender is to debut.


Submission + - USB Tethering working on iPhone 3.0 through hack (

eviltangerine writes: "Twitter user stroughtonsmith was dinkering around with the carrier bundle files for his developer version of the iPhone 3.0 OS and enabled the USB tethering options. Apparently he has even been able to use his laptop to access the internet over the USB tether. MacRumors comments that while Apple has announced the availability of tethering, it hasn't hashed out the details with the mobile carriers (probably so they can charge more in fees).

No word on connection speed, but here are some pictures of his phone while tethering."

Comment Your responses are also forgetting that... (Score 3, Interesting) 921

Another possibility (that doesn't seem to be already mentioned) is that the more "pious" are on life support with the belief that God will "come through" and heal their loved ones despite what the doctors claim to be a "hopeless cause."

Personally, I'd classify myself as a "Christian" and this is the main reason that I can believe -- while I am totally comfortable with death (not to the extent that I'm going to go play on the freeway) I also see the possibility of "supernatural events" aka "miracles" to occur and thus can see that prolonging a loved one's life via life-support seems plausible, particularly for a younger individual. However, myself, if I was old and have had a full life, I don't think I see the need to be on life support -- I've done what I need to do in this life.

This idea isn't discussed in the originally linked BBC article, but comes up in other articles on the same study ( for example)

So no, I disagree that it's patients being "unsure" about the afterlife or that they're unwilling to accept death. I just think it's relatives that are praying for a miracle.

Comment Re:Dear Submitter: You got a coupon... for this? (Score 3, Insightful) 479

I disagree -- if the lawmakers had seriously intended this to be only for the poor in the country, wouldn't they have coupled it with Welfare or something to that effect? Or at least had some kind of measure of your income and therefore only people with an income below a certain threshold would get the coupon?

I think the coupon is the appropriate thing to do for people of all income levels. The government has changed the way that TV is being broadcast which makes older TV's unusable -- shouldn't they also help us transition by making the converter boxes available to all?

Comment Re:Participant Point of View (Score 2, Interesting) 122

a friend of mine just got back from the MDRS -- he was there for a week at the beginning of January. He said it was an awesome experience as well. And for those who are wondering, yea, it's not paid, but the Mars Society covers food, transportation, and I guess technically lodging as well. The food he said was all dried stuff. While he was there they would go on scouting trips and worked on revamping the documentation for the site. Oh, and he also mentioned that while boucing around in their spacesuits outside, he found a dinosaur bone! (So the analogs to Mars may end there, but of course, no one's been bouncing around Mars -- maybe there *are* fossilized dinosaurs there!)

Comment I'm for it.. (Score 1) 474

Sure, you'd have to get teachers trained in programming (which'd probably fall into the Math/Science department) but I think that the US needs some serious technical literally and what a better way than including computer science in the curriculum?

This isn't necessarily a whole course on CS, but hey, it could be a small unit in the math class or something -- at least enough to pique the kids' interests.

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