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Comment Camden town (Score 1) 1095

While you are in London, you will most likely end up using the tube. You will see that there is the normal service area and then the extended area. in the extended area is Camden Town, might not be your cup of tea but there are some good clubs, pubs and interesting little shops. There was a fire there a few years back so I don't know what made it through. There are some places you want to avoid, and it will be pretty obvious you don't belong. Bullox to everyone that says the UK doesn't have good food. Pub food rocks, hunters chicken especially, also if you like Thai food there is usually a lot of that to be found.

Comment Re:Bide your time (Score 1) 1006

In this scenario it would be pretty safe to assume most of the software was in place before he took the job. So it really depends on where you live, there are all kinds of wrongful termination laws and regulations that vary from state to state. So the possibility arises for a wrongful termination suite and then if you want to eat your cake too; report them as so many others have suggested.Truthfully if the company you work for does that you are better off without them. Even in this economy. Better to be unemployed than thrown under a bus when the sh*t hits the wall.

Comment Re:Bide your time (Score 1) 1006

Unfortunately most Management types have no clue what software licenses are, and trying to explain it to them is often useless. You really only have a few choices in a situation like this. You can keep working there, or you can find better employment. If you keep working there CYA and at least have your direct supervisor sign a piece of paper stating that you tried to inform them they were using pirated software. Now this may or may not go over that's your call. Once you have been there for a while you can start steering them to better solutions, if they want to be cheap introduce them to free options like Open Office.

Comment Re:oh that was a stretch... (Score 1) 162

I'm actually proposing an option where you roll real dice and then input the results. I think that would allow the DM the option to "cheat" if they need it. I agree that if you kept all the rolls in the system then there would be a good chance it could become cumbersome for the DM to change them. I still prefer real dice.... personal preference.

Comment Re:oh that was a stretch... (Score 1) 162

I'd have to argue that D&D is a rule set; and that the DM and the players depending on their preference will use the rule set as a vehicle for narrative or for combat simulation. It certainly gives you all the tools you need for both and you can certainly have one without the other. This would be perfect for D&D tournament style dungeon crawls. This use of a multitouch table is very neat but I agree that "cheating" is something you do not want to take away from the DM. With that in mind I think if there was an interface where you could input your results from your rolls that would take care of that. I personally prefer rolling real dice.

Comment Re:Eh not really a free speech issue (Score 2, Interesting) 202

Yeah but isn't this setting a bad precedent? This basically says webhosts are responsible for their clients content. Sure that may seem fine and dandy, but for large webhosts, verifying that all your clients have legal and legitimate content and goods posted would be a nightmare.

Comment Re:It would be really nice... (Score 1) 427

For me it was the price, I could care less about the backwards compatibility, it was convenient for sure. I still have a perfectly good PS2 that I still use. The initial buy in price was to steep for the majority of their target audience, especially when you could get the same title on the 360. Sure you can argue the PS3 has better graphics, but truthfully graphics aren't everything.

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