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Comment Re:Would have gotten a FP except (Score 5, Insightful) 233

Luckily we're getting both. I just purchased a video card that's twice as powerful as my current one, and only uses 2/3 the power. I'm upgrading from a CPU using up to 130W to just 77W, but still gaining 20-25% performance.

Those are some good jumps in performance, but great leaps in efficiency. Total power consumption is a big factor moving forward in trying to reduce what we need from the grid.

Comment Re:It'd better happen quick then (Score 1) 311

In my opinion, the best option is just to buy two separate drives. Get a cheaper 120GB drive for your OS/programs, and continue to use hard drives for mass storage. There aren't huge performance differences when it comes to things like video, mp3s, or pictures. The place where you'll see the most benefit is OS loading speed, or how fast programs launch and games load.

I've used hybrid drives, and they are pretty good option for laptops, but you're really better off spending the extra money on a true solid state drive if it will be enough to contain your data.

Comment Re:Thanks for all the Fish Wrapper (Score 1) 1521

For me it was high school. I started browsing Slashdot late 97 or early 98. Before I knew it, I was here daily.

I never posted much, but I always read comments. I still remember the first time I got mod points. I felt so important. ;)

Slashdot is associated with a lot of memories for me. Not only has it been a huge source of my tech news, but also a topic of discussion amongst friends. "Did you see that article on Slashdot?" was something I probably heard every day. Good times.

Commander Taco, you will be missed.

Comment Re:Pretty cool (Score 1) 220

Considering I saw this video a year ago, "nearing production" is a relative term. They do mention the article the same thing that's been holding these devices back, which is the lack of a non-tethered power source.

Until we get past that hurdle, I wouldn't say it's anywhere near production.

Comment Re:PS3 Account Information Breach (Score 1) 388

Either my sarcasm meter is malfunctioning, or you're actually serious.

Do you really expect government action in this matter? As much as you might think otherwise, your PSN account isn't a matter of national security. Not to mention that killing someone over theft is ludicrous.

Sony is responsible for keeping their servers secure.

Comment Re:Adoption... (Score 1) 328

Could you cite some examples of the poor security? I would rate Windows 7 in the fair or even good category of security. Homegroups now give home users the ability to lock down and encrypt their traffic over their network. Bitlocker provides disk encryption options. UAC can help end users from accidentally clicking on things they shouldn't. Most people find it annoying and disable it, but that's not Microsoft's fault. Built in firewalls have been getting better, and you won't find nearly as many exposed machines on the net because of the Home/Work/Public selection option when you connect to network.

Compared to other versions of Windows, 7 (and even Vista) are leaps beyond what they were before. Samba in Win9x was ridiculously insecure, but all of those holes have been plugged.
It's not very often that I hear about a zero day exploit taking down networks like we had with the worms in the early 2000s. The words "MS Blaster" would strike fear into the hearts of any admin who had to deal with it. I haven't seen anything wreak havoc like it since.

Most network security issues, in my experience, are due to poor network administration rather than holes in the operating system itself. I can't help but feel that the parent comment is a somewhat empty statement.

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