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Comment Re:Scrubbers: A 1970s Tech Still Absent in China (Score 1) 464

Capitalism has never, in the history of the world, functioned without the strong support of slave (cheap) labor and resource exploitation. The concept of capital is ancient philosophy that our species needs to evolve beyond in order to survive. The alternative, of course, is simply to cull population, but again, that goes against the prime directive of capitalism as fewer sheep are available to produce goods for fewer sheep to consume thus producing profits for a few wolves. -W

Comment Re:It's not just Bitcoin. (Score 1) 535

The more we protect people from themselves, the more likely they are to stay in the gene pool and continue to breed, Idiocracy style. I'm all for rules and laws that protect people from others, but we really need to let the stupid people kill themselves off as much as possible, and restrict breeding rights. Seriously, we have plenty of people on this planet, it's time to get stingy. -W

Comment Re:Ugh (Score 3, Insightful) 537

Pardon? Capitalism has never functioned in the history of the world without slavery. True, some countries outlawed slavery, including the US, but migrant workers and outsourcing overseas filled in the gap that slavery left behind. The American economy is only broken if you disagree with the concept of slavery. No one in the US is trying to use paid employees to try and compete with a country that uses prisoners to power their economy. It is AMERICA that is using prisoners in other countries to power ITS OWN economy . . . only because it's illegal to do so within its own borders. Don't kid yourself and think that just because it doesn't happen in your own backyard that it isn't your, or your neighbors, own fault. You wouldn't be able to post on slashdot without this slave/prisoner labor. -W

Comment Re:Can I be the first to say... (Score 1) 121

It's about 1000 core routers. Granted, that's a lot, certainly more then Google adds in a year or two (they use Juniper anyway), but it's not a LOT or even a hard number to imagine. I'm not sure what Cisco's margins are though, so while it's list price for a thousand core routers, I'm sure they'll have to sell several tens of thousands to make up the half billion they blew. -W

Comment Typical reaction (Score 1) 542

For every 1 engineer who figures out how to do something, there are 999 that like to yank their own chains by listing elaborate reasons as to why "it can't be done". It's these 999 that give the rest a bad name, and it's these 999 that are the first to get laid off and the last to get hired. It's easy to say it can't be done. Easy is boring. -W

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