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Comment Re:Lithium batteries suck after 360 charges (1 yea (Score 1) 253

Early model Li-ion were maybe 100 charge cycles, that has improved to multiple hundreds, Li-po were always several hundred and can now be over a thousand. Battery tech has moved on substantially in the last 20 years (not capacity unfortunately). Most phone batteries will last at least 3 years for most users (and those in the EU get a 2 year warranty). Although the re-usability of phones is massively increased with replaceable parts. I'm thankful we're moved past charge memory of NiCad and NMH which were the height of batteries in the 90s. I've seen so many fewer battery issues with laptops in the last 5 years compared with the previous 5, so the tech is not as bad as you make out. Putting that much energy into such a small space makes me want to source genuine parts more than pattern match products, but that is no guarantee cf. Samsung, at least we've moved on from the days of $100+ replacement batteries.

Comment Re:For 1 good reason (Score 1) 168

"An autopilot is a system used to control the trajectory of a vehicle without constant 'hands-on' control by a human operator being required."

Note the 'without constant hands-on'. Newer aircraft are actually good at landing and taking off (assuming favourable weather) and may be arguably safer than human controlled, although conditions are not always favourable.

Also note the 2% of customers, also known as early adopters and drinkers of Kool-Aid, not 2% of people.

Comment Re:Says Greenwich Citizen (Score 2) 598

There really isn't a good place anywhere else

If you are interested in why the meridian is in London you should do some reading, but everything else would have put the date line in a stupid place, Greenland and Iceland are part of Europe and islands are usually related to the continents they are near (the Azores and Canarys). Those few people who do live close to the date line choose the side which makes most sense to them (UTC+14 anyone) based on who they deal with most often.

Comment Re:Says Greenwich Citizen (Score 1) 598

Technically we're never on UTC we're on GMT, which are almost but not quite exactly the same thing.

"Since 1972, UTC is calculated by subtracting the accumulated leap seconds from International Atomic Time (TAI), which is a coordinate time scale tracking notional proper time on the rotating surface of the Earth (the geoid). In order to maintain a close approximation to UT1 (equivalent to GMT)" So UTC is a track of 'total time' where as GMT is 'local time', the up to 1 second differences exist which some high precision devices may require to know about. Your watch does not. Leap seconds are to keep UTC in alignment with UT1, so 12.00 UT1 is 12.00.abcdefgh UTC (or 11.59.abcdefgh)

Comment Re:Fuck them both (Score 1) 147

It can definitely run a 2D platformer at 4K. Won't be able to run at the 'same' 4K a AAA title on PC will, there will either be less detail or not 4K. What do you define as 'true' 4K? As you can always come up with something which won't be able to run on any setup, so there must be no true 4K.

Comment Re:Another way to get people to buy new phones (Score 1) 204

I live in the UK and we have consumer protection laws. If this is indeed a manufacturing defect then they would be expected to fix it for free. If you live somewhere which does not have this type of protection then you might be screwed by yet another corporation. So your statement about nor being legally obligated to fix their product is not true everywhere. If you live somewhere where you are punished for corporations own mistakes then you should probably get your government to fix that. I don't know enough about this particular issue to say if it would be covered but if a third of all issues with this device are this issue, that does very much sound like a manufacturing defect or design issue which would definitely be covered, as the product is not fit for purpose. Products sold as new by corporations should never be sold under caveat emptor, that's just far too trusting of everyone.

Note: I have had various SATA cables on 2011 era MBPs (not retina) replaced as this is a known issue with this machine. They've even done free collect and return repairs on machines out of warranty. It did often involve some long phone conversations so it's not as simple as it could be.

Comment Re:1050 and 1040 (Score 1) 142

Really you should be caring about 75W as that is what a PCIex16 can supply. The 750 was 71W IIRC and is still the most powerful non-powered card I've seen. There was nothing in the 900 series which replaced this so I would guess that this will be coming, as would an update of the 730 for SFF/low profile uses (25/35W).

Comment Re:They were too chicken to show 4k? (Score 1) 142

Where is your evidence for this?

My experience is that everything has stopped at 1920x1080 as these are the panels required for TVs, it's very difficult to get 16x10 aspect ratio displays anywhere. With the larger number of 4k displays (also 16x9 aspect) I don't know where you think these x1200 monitors are coming from.

Comment Re: two for T (Score 1) 766

Right, that same social conditioning that transwomen had, you know the whole having grown up with a penis thing, large percentages of transpeople never do any hormone therapy let alone other options, so you should account for these, a transwoman who has no hormone therapy is a man except by self classification, you seem to want to gloss over this. However pointing out that socialisation is the cause of violence isn't the best foundation for your argument about transwomen (who will have had male socialisation) not exhibiting same violence tendencies as men.

Also not 'cis', no need for a classification of everybody who is not trans, I do not have a label for being not-diabetic or not-anorexic, women/men and transwomen/transmen does perfectly well. Being as vaginas (and penises/prostates) are a thing which medically needs to be looked after and the incubator/inseminator is a useful division, from a medical point of view.

The whole notion of masculinity and it's very narrowly defined ideas is more of an issue, as is male violence.

Just in case you were wondering I am male born with a penis and have questioned myself much over the years, that blog helped me see a different opinions on this. I can see merit in radical feminism, that beyond has penis/has vagina (and associated issues with those) gender really shouldn't mean anything, you want to wander round in a dress, it shouldn't be limited to those who have vaginas, want to go get shot at in war, shouldn't require a penis.

Conflating the social construct of gender with the biologic reality of gender is not helpful for society. It harms both women and men by making us fit into boxes.

And I would remind you that as always people are awful.

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