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Comment Moral question of emulation (Score 4, Insightful) 91

Of course, there are moral concerns here, as you are often downloading the games illegally -- unless you own the physical copy, that is.

These games have often been out of print for decades, and legally exist in the wild only on outdated hardware. Is it not equally immoral to wait for the copyright to expire on these games to copy them, when the technology to do so may not exist in the future? Why is protecting a copyright on something that has been out of print, presumably determined by the publisher to be unprofitable somehow "moral".

Comment Competitors working together (Score 3, Insightful) 50

Where I live, the only broadband offerings are 1.5Mbps DSL from Verizon, or Comcast Xfinity. Although Verizon had made a deal with the state government to provide broadband service to all residences, they've since reneged on the deal since by arguing their LTE coverage should count. It's been pretty clear that these two companies have made some deal to not compete with each other, and cooperate to maintain high prices and limited service.

Comment Re: Market failure (Score 1) 428

Governments should favor local companies to protect their economy. It looks like Austin has developed their own ride sharing companies in absence of Uber and Lyft. Meanwhile, Uber is short-changing their fees to US drivers so that they can subsidize rides in other regions where they are not dominant yet. Basically, it's taking money out of the US economy and dumping it elsewhere.

Comment Re:Content owners are forcing the rules (Score 2) 137

You're saying there's no choice like that status quo has no alternative. It could be made illegal to geo-restrict streaming from overseas in the spirit of free-trade agreements. If consumers could connect to streaming services in Asia that have lower fees, American companies would change their practices.

Comment Re: Potentially more abuse prone than the H1B vis (Score 4, Insightful) 355

It's definitely true that some of the Clinton policies did directly contribute to the crash of 2008, chief among these being the tax incentives for executive pay that drove unprecedented income inequality, the repeal of Glass-Steagall, NAFTA, etc. The response from the GOP hasn't exactly been a reversal of these policies. If anything, they were extended and pushed forward. Policies favoring large companies resulted in consolidation and profit/expense min-maxing, not investment or job growth.

Comment Unlock the bootloader for unsupported phones (Score 1) 257

No, I don't think it should be necessary to pay for updates after the manufacturer drops support. Back when I had an OG Droid, I updated the OS to a newer version using a bootloader unlocking hack and a community supported ROM (cyanogenmod). If a manufacturer doesn't want to release an OS update, they should unlock the phone so that the end-user can update it themselves if they wanted.

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