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Comment English wins (Score 1) 295

Never mind the internet changing language, the real change is that computers are forcing the English language itself into all the curvy corners of the globe. Sure, you can change the language settings on your windowing system to your local language but how many actual programming languages are written in any language other than English? You will be assimilated.

Comment Lets go fishing (Score 1) 622

If I wanted to go fishing for a nuclear sub (or simply increase the likelihood of a collision), all I would need to do is find where they like to hang out (where are the most detailed maps of the ocean floor?) and drop some interesting bait (say a steel drum with alarm clocks inside).

Comment Re:Not A Worry (Score 1) 221

I totally agree - for all we know, one of the particle accelerators on planet earth may blink us all into non-existence before I finish typing this. Our 'selfish genes' would be most disappointed if they didn't at least have a distant cousin to continue the 'life' experiment.

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