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Comment Re:Bullshit ... (Score 1) 130

God I'm so sick of this bullshit:

DHS spokesman Shawn Neudauer said the agent was simply providing "visibility/situational awareness," and did not have any direct contact with the Lebanon police or library. "The use of a Tor browser is not, in [or] of itself, illegal and there are legitimate purposes for its use,"

It's legal, and there are legitimate uses for it ... but we're going to list off a bunch of scary hypotheticals, and insinuate how you'd be responsible for everything on the planet. I hope the library board sends back a big fuck you like librarians sometimes do ... give up the right to anonymity on the notion that it might might lead to something bad is the argument of cowards and fascists. No matter what anybody likes to think, the US stopped being a free country or a champion of liberty and democracy 14 years ago. And you'll never get it back.

The problem this library (and others) will run in to is the threat of lost funding if they continue the Tor project. Library budgets are already tight so the lost of ANY funding can be devastating. It's the only reason most libraries installed web filtering software.

Comment Re:Actually (Score 1) 709

I would be equally upset if I had discovered it was 100% beef, but that they used only cow rectums, snouts and bladders to make my hamburger.

That would be totally wrong, labeling a hot dog as a hamburger.

This has to be one of the best posts I've seen on /. in years! Kudos!

Comment Re:This is weird (Score 1) 295

So, is there someone using Mint for any reason that is not spiting Canonical? I'd like to know, just to make sure I receive information not coming from people giving the impression of being zealots. They seriously need some PR as opposed to just say bad things about the competition.

I am using Linux Mint 13 because I was downloading and evaluating different distros just for the sake of checking them out. So far, everything I've tried with Mint "just worked" and I will likely stick with this one. Hope this helps a little.

Comment Re: Example of How Not to Do It (Score 2) 75

I read a comment on Slashdot recently that the reason we aren't allowed to modify our comments is to prevent users from editing out things in order to accuse others of strawman attacks.

I have seen this happen on every single message board I've been a member of and is specifically the reason that I've disabled editing posts on any message board I have (and ever will) owned. I prefer receiving nasty messages that someone can't edit their posts rather than nasty messages about people changing their stories after receiving negative responses or whatever reason...

Comment Re:There is no such thing as karma. (Score 1) 180

Point: People are so damn quick to criticize other people's tastes. And I'm sick of it. If that guy wanted to download Gaga's album for 99 cents, big fucking deal. It's HIS life, not yours, so stop insulting the man.

Amen to this. Some of us have very eclectic musical tastes. I remember in the early 90's making a mix tape that included Garth Brooks, Metallica, Billy Ray Cyrus, Reba McIntyre, Led Zepplin & KISS, just as an example. Music is meant to speak to your soul, not to impress your friends. And for the record, I bought the Gaga album from Amazon for $0.99. ;-)

Comment Re:Dying out... (Score 1) 164

I don't think Libraries will survive for much longer. If you want a book now you can get it in a digital version, and the publishers are rather adamant about allowing their ebooks to be borrowed from the library, and pretty much anything else can be digitised and accessed online. So while its a nice idea to convert libraries to this sort of thing, they're not going to survive much longer in my opinion.

You obviously don't go to the library very often, do you? (I'm not trying to be a smart ass so please don't take this comment as such.) I work for a public library system that has consistent circulation of print and non-print materials. Besides checking out books, we offer reference services, free internet access and (thanks to Uncle Sam) you can come get your tax forms at the library. We do more than just "check out books" and we're gonna be here for a long time. :-)

Comment Re:Just what we need... (Score 1) 309

How do you know that public libraries won't have these machines installed? ...snip... Public libraries and schools already filter websites; this will take that sort of censorship to an entirely new level.

I can tell you from experience that we (libraries) only filter because we pretty much have to in order to continue to receive federal funding. Unless the feds push it on us, we won't be installing any of these copiers. Censorship sucks and most librarians hate it and fought very hard to stop it from happening in the first place.

Comment Re:Comparisons like this don't mean squat... (Score 1) 702

I converted my wife to Ubuntu after the 8th virus in 3 months. I did buy Crossover Pro for Photoshop, but that's about it. She loves how much faster her laptop is. She games on Facebook, uses Evolution for email, and OpenOffice for writing, etc. She's got Hulu Desktop installed, and will dock her laptop to our home theater system and watch TV that way. The number of "Hey hon, can you look at this?" type things have gone down incredibly. She's been on Ubuntu for about 18 months now, and can't fathom going back. So, I don't think that your point of, "Granny just stopped asking for help" is really valid. People are people, if you mess up their PC, you'll hear about it at every family gathering.

Rather than just doing a full out conversion with my wife and son right away, I've gone the dual boot route on all three of our laptop computers and when (not if) the time comes that one of them gets malware again, I will have them log in to the Ubuntu side for a few weeks before I get around to fixing their Windows systems. We'll see how that goes.

Comment Re:Comcast has Passwords? (Score 1) 158

All the ISP's do that and as I have told my friends and family repeatedly over the years, DON'T under any circumstances let the installer near your PC with that thing, it's not needed and can only lead to problems.

I will second that. When my current cable/phone/internet provider came and setup their equipment, the installer was beside himself because I wouldn't let him touch my computer. He tried the "required for this to operate" excuse. I told him that I was an IT professional and that I knew he was full of it and that if it was required, he could take his equipment home and I'd cancel my service. He asked if I would at least make the ISPs home page my start page. I guess they needed the inflated traffic stats.

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