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Comment A Barking Dog with Fleas (Score 1) 111

Like Yahoo this company no longer has any purpose other than its own continuity.

The sooner it dies, on fire in a hole, the better.

Its really sad seeing how desperately they re-image the company every few years. Its like a sad out of shape actor that had a glimpse of fame 20 years ago...still trying to prise money from the ever stiffening corpse of rejection.

Comment I welcome the end of the USA (Score 0) 670

There will be a day, hopefully very soon, where I no longer have the "news" of the USA shown to me.

Whether this is by filter, a firefox plugin or simply from the fact the entire county has imploded financially or due to stupendous idiocy - it matters not.

I am tired of seeing stupid stories like this and the incessant barking of either the "left" or the "right" as to the right/wrong of the latest endemic self created stupidity.

I am tired of the unrelenting hate, the spite, the fear mongering, the insults, intolerance, racism, loathing and viciousness that spews out. Build a GIANT WALL and imprison yourselves. Let the rest of the world enjoy ourselves.

Comment Re:Update the constitution (Score 1) 426

At what stage, at what juncture and at what point do normal people decide that enough is enough. That the government no longer acts in the interests of its people, but only itself and becomes so egregious, so intolerable and so profoundly unacceptable that the only course of action is to forcefully eject the members of the parliament and destroy it?

Elections are not enough. Two party systems create their own velocities and duopolies never truly contest each other. They are in a cosy relationship, like that of a binary star system, that will last a billion years.

At what stage do we, again as ORDINARY citizens, proclaim the system is evil, corrupt and rotten? Do we take up arms?

I don't think people these days have the guts, willpower or determination. Aldus Huxley was right in Brave New World.

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