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Comment Re:I believe that . . . (Score 1) 330

It depends on the Jurisdiction, but although both the Police Department and the Sheriff's Office are both Law Enforcement, their jobs are slightly different and they derive authority from separate branches of Government. The Police Department's primary job is to enforce Laws and Ordinances (i.e. Investigating Crime and Arresting/Ticketing Offenders) and derives their authority from a Jurisidiction's Chief Executive. The Sheriff and his Deputies' primary job is to enforce Court Orders and to protect members of the Court and derive their authority from the Court. Usually Police Departments are a function of the City and the Courts (and therefore the Sheriff) are a function of the County, but there are exceptions. Some smaller towns may choose to have the local Sheriff's Office act as their Police Department. Some urbanized Counties have both a Sheriff's Office and a Police Department. Many Sheriff's Offices get assistance from the local Police in performing Court actions (such as executing Warrants, delivering Subpoenas, etc). I hope this clears it up.

Comment Re:The most important question... (Score 1) 75

that pissed me off so much, universe was actually getting quite good....Someone needs to invest in a real scifi network that only show...oh i fiction?

A good starting lineup would be stargate, a star wars tv series, A reboot of firefly, and some good old fashioned early 90's anime....

I think many SciFi and Anime fans have gotten to the point where they just download or stream or buy DVDs/BluRays (or some combination of the 3) of things they want to watch, which is why I don't think a new SciFi network could be successful. The consumers have moved on to other media.

That said, I wonder why SciFi producers in the west haven't tried to copy the OVA model used by some in the Anime Industry, where some Anime goes direct to DVD. They wouldn't have to deal with having to get their show on a network, and there have been successful OVAs that have multiple (albeit short) seasons.

Comment As a Northern Virginia resident... (Score 2) 59

...I have absolutely no idea why anybody outside of the Federal Sector would want their data center in this area. We get Severe Weather (Tropical Storms and Snow Storms) on a semi-regular basis, and traffic tends to jam with a slight dusting of snow or a moderate rain to the point where it can take 3 hours to drive 2 miles, and the Utility Companies are not always the greatest at keeping the power running during these times. Neither of these things can be good for maximizing uptime and minimizing downtime.

Comment Re:Other Manufacturers Can't Complain (Score 1) 100

GOOGLE is manufacturing hardware??? SINCE WHEN???

They own Motorola Mobility, who does make Hardware.

APPLE is a software company???

"The big secret about Apple is that Apple views itself as a Software Company"-Steve Jobs


Your comment is a perfect example of COMPLETE IGNORANCE

4/10. See me after class.

Comment Re:Amazon (Score 2) 281

I'm sure it will somehow take AWS down :)

As a DC area resident who works in Reston (where Amazon's servers are), signs point to YES. Especially since DC area residents have already settled into "PANIC!" mode which includes posting on Facebook on how everybody is going to die and how the Mayans were right, buying every roll of toilet paper and every tube of pimple cream in the grocery store, filling their Viagra prescriptions so they can die happy, hiding in their basements, and emerging 2 days later asking "Why was everybody panicking?" This process also includes everybody jamming on to I-66 at the same time (more so than usual). This response is the same whether it is a hurricane, or just a dusting of snow. Doesn't this make your confident about the people who run your government?

Comment Re:Why aren't people more hyped about the Wii U? (Score 1) 188

Which version of Halo?

Halo 3 was panned for its graphics at the time, and that was 2007.

Halo Reach is a couple years old now

Halo Anniversary, the latest game, IS an upscale of the original 2001 game, runs the original graphics engine alongside the new one, and as such is buggy.

I love the series, but its not a good example to judge the graphics capability of the console as newer games tend to find ways to suck every last ounce of power out of the console

Comment Re:No smiles in Ohio (Score 1) 265

When I took mine, it kept locking on to Darth Vader on my t-shirt. So they made me put on my coat, which was a M65 field jacket I had modified to be a part of a cosplay (was wearing cause it was cold and I blew my entire paycheck on Caps tickets, manga, and DnD books instead of buying a coat). So now I get funny looks at cons when I get asked for ID and I'm wearing said cosplay.

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