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Comment Re:For a constitutional lawyer... (Score 1) 546

First the government said it was just to catch a terrorist. They've since admitted there are 14 phones they would like access to.

Once the software exists (it doesn't now) to allow this, then there is no going back and all phones are vulnerable.

Yes this is somewhat speculative, but there exists prior evidence - Blackberry - in which the exact scenario happened.

Comment Re:Not a tech company (Score 1) 460

Uber is not a 'tech' company any more than pizzahut is for having an app.

Uber comes from Silicon Valley, its culture and its employees there are interbred with other large tech companies. No, the drivers aren't, but in its soul I'd say they are a tech company.

because idiots like techies think its 'great' for some unknown reason.

As an American techie, I can explain. I've lived in 3 major US cities. Getting taxis are the worst fucking experience in the world here. Let me clarify, it's not always that way. In fact, I'd say 90% of the time it's not. But then again, 90% of my dealings with Comcast are fine too, but I think they're awful in customer service and the majority of society agrees. Uber (and Lyft, which I think is also awesome), has provided an amazing service that solved so many of the problems of using taxis.

Some of those unknown reasons you were asking for from an idiot techie: The map which shows you where all drivers are (I can even switch to Lyft to see if the competition has better availability in the time frame or better surge pricing when that happens). The fact that you can request one and they come to you within minutes, unlike Taxis where you never fucking know when or even if they will come. The ability to rate drivers. The fact that they're cheaper. The fact that they're WAY better drivers than most of the immigrants who are taxi drivers in the US who learned to drive in a different country (no disparagement to immigrants meant, but driving in Ethiopia isn't the same). I've gotten out of a taxi in NYC with my heart pounding because I was so scared of the way he was driving. The fact that they're safer, because unlike anonymous taxis who can rob you or rape you, Uber is tracked (and you can even broadcast a message to your friends when you start your ride). Many times they'll provide water and gum for you. The fact that if you leave something in the car, you have the ability to use the app to inform the driver/system and have them return it to you, unlike not knowing what taxi you were just in (happened to my friend who left a cell phone once, we gave him a nice tip for his trouble; I and many other people I know have left something in a taxi, never to see it again - one time we got a cell phone charge for $100 for calls to Kenya a month later).

Have I missed any reason why they're so much better?

And remember, you don't have to use Uber. If you hate them, you can always call a taxi.

Comment Re:No privacy with Uber (Score 1) 460

Your concerns are valid. However, you probably have no concern for safety, such as a small young female might. I've known a girl who was robbed a gunpoint when she pulled out a $100 bill in a taxi. It was anonymous, there's no record, etc. I personally had a $20 pulled out of my hands when myself, a male, and another male, were arguing about how to split the fare. Fucker just took it and ran. I'm sure there's tens of thousands of more stories you've never heard because taxis are anonymous.

Now, on the other hand, it was international news when an assault on a female happened in India by an Uber driver, where there was a complete record of it, and the driver was arrested.

So, I think the pros outweigh the cons.

Comment Re:fuck uber (Score 1) 460

I can see your argument, but I don't think it practically applies here. If Uber drivers are suffering in respects to their rights as compared to taxi drivers, then why don't they just become taxi drivers?

Comment Re:We are proud of our social accomplishments (Score 1) 460

What do social accomplishments have to do with it? Mind you, I'm actually envious of your social accomplishments, especially in the Scandanavian countries. I think they're a model for the entire world, including the US. But what does Uber have to do with those? If you don't want to use Uber, and the entire society doesn't want to use Uber, then don't use it!

Comment Re:I call (Score 1) 460

Uber threatening a system which the people like is nothing to welcome.

I don't understand the Europeans who dislike Uber and get bent out of shape by it in comparison to their already existing taxis that they're perfectly happy with. If Europeans don't want to use Uber, then they don't have to use it! It's simple; don't use them, let their business fail, and BAM, they'll be gone. It's not like they're coming along and forcing people to download the app.

They are not competitive, at least no more than someone who wants to be a doctor or lawyer must get professional accreditation to be able to practice.

Drivers have to get the same accreditation to drive as you or I. We both have to have accreditation to drive both ourselves AND to drive other people in our cars. I don't buy the argument that it takes more accreditation, or at least anything more than trivially more accreditation (maybe something about how to deal with handicap people or what not).

Comment Re:european perspective (Score 1) 460

> by law a taxi cannot refuse to drive you just because it's close by and he would prefer to wait for a higher fare customer

I've been asked to get out of a taxi because of this, even though it's not legal. With Uber, they're not allowed and it's tracked by a system unlike anonymous taxi drivers.

> If you "disrupt" something that works reasonably well, you are acting destructively.

They didn't actively do anything to anyone. They just started providing a new service. Nobody has to use them. They passed no laws. They didn't talk to any other taxi drivers. In this passive sense, they are only improving something that already worked reasonably well.

> Maybe Uber is cheaper, but it is not as transparent or fair with its various surcharges and basically auction system. I'd rather know I will spend 20â to get to the airport than leave it up to chance and maybe today I'm lucky and pay only 15 - or maybe 30, who knows?

You don't understand how it works. There's no chance involved. The prices are precise by time and distance. It may be "chance" in the sense that if you've never taken a ride in that distance you may not know, but the same thing would happen with a taxi. You know about surge pricing up front. If there is a "x2.3" surge price, you actually have to type the numbers "23" into your phone before a request goes through. And you're not admitting the hard truth which all people who use taxis have to deal with (god forbid you had to use one on New Year's Eve!). If there really is a surge in demand, don't bet on a taxi arriving after calling dispatch. I've dealt with this about 20 times. I literally drove once while pretty drunk just because I couldn't get the taxi. NEVER would happen if the taxi companies provided the service Uber does. On a final side note, Uber provides a fixed-price from airports in many cities as well.

Comment Re:Really??? (Score 1) 358

First of all, your comment doesn't make sense in the discussion about Android; the server implementation is not what Android does.

Second of all, Java is a very fast language, right underneath C,C++,D family languages. For one example, see https://attractivechaos.github.... It is generally 2-4x faster than C#. You can google "language speed benchmarks" for many more examples if you want.

One example:
C 1.0
D 1.1
Java 1.7
C# 3.8
Python 4.4
Ruby 71.1
R 999.9

Comment Re:Really??? (Score 1) 358

Languages are good or bad based on how easy it is create good quality source code (semantically clear, maintainable, concise, etc).

Well said. This is why many intelligent people dislike C++.

There can be countless almost religious arguments about the merits of a language. Most of it is anecdotal experience they've had with bad projects they've worked on. I've seen terrible Java and C++, and I've seen great ones as well.

Comment Re:Really??? (Score 1) 358

It has puzzled me why reputedly intelligent people at google would handicap their platform by such an obviously slow, inefficient language.

Java is not slow. In fact, it tops the speed benchmarks, only behind the obvious winners like C, C++, and D which compile to bear bones CPU assembly.

Comment Re:Nothing to do with American Tech Industry (Score 1) 460

That was a lot of vitriol. Calm down!

The conversation is about Uber and how it's a magnitude better than taxi services. It is, hands down. That's why people are taking them instead of taxis. Nobody gives a shit about shareholders and American corporations when they're trying to get an affordable ride home quickly.

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