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Comment Server + rpi2 (Score 1) 236

I have a server to download/store my media with 8 external HDs. I bought a cheapo 10 port USB hub and kept buying HDs as they filled up. The player user to be wdtv live but now is Raspberry Pi 2 with OSMC on it, accessing the external drives as a share. No RAID, no expensive NASes, everything works. Cheap, effective.

Comment All dressed up but nowhere to go... (Score 1) 168

What's the point of a chipset capable of 1080p playback if it cannot drive a 1080p screen? Fair enough you won't have a 1920x1080 resolution screen in your phone or tablet device (not yet) but I for one wouldn't mind being able to connect my new 1080p capable device to a TV or monitor to playback 1080p at proper resolution.

Comment Re:The problem with an OLED e-reader is the E. (Score 1) 118

Being reflective or emitting has nothing to do with use of e-ink in e-readers. Main advantage of e-ink displays is that they only draw power when the display is updated, they don't consume any power to maintain the image unlike LCD or OLED displays which makes them a lot more power-efficient. However with every e-ink display having a mechanical component (little ink particles are moved around by electric fields) their refresh rate is relatively slow in comparison to an LCD or OLED which makes them unsuitable as a general purpose computer display. Since e-reader display mostly static content (text, no animation) an e-ink display is perfect for that purpose, offering much lower power consumption.

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