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Submission + - LHC magnet assembly fails under pressure test

ettlz writes: It seems that on Tuesday a Fermilab-built assembly holding the so-called "Inner Triplet" superconducting focusing magnets at CERN's Large Hadron Collider buckled under the pressure of 20 atm during a test. Thankfully, no-one was injured. From the article, while "the full cause of the problem is not yet known, failure to account for the asymmetric loads in the engineering design of the magnet appears to be a likely cause ... [a]t this point the consequences, if any, for the LHC schedule are not yet known." Let's just hope they aren't too grave, and we'll still be on course to finding New Physics (if it's there!) next year.

Submission + - UK supermarket to lauch own-brand software

ettlz writes: The BBC reports that UK supermarket Tesco is to move into the software market, selling its own brand of software. Like with many supermarket own-brand lines, Tesco is targeting the low-budget consumer. According to the article, the six titles 'would cost less than £20, challenging what [Tesco] described as the current "high" price of PC software.' But with more than enough free security, office and photo-manipulation packages out there, could such marketing really coax the uninformed masses? Or will it just be a backslash in the pan?

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