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Comment Re:How much? (Score 1) 323

Lastely, what is the difference in quality? I mean, when I compared my first DVD movie to a VHS version, the difference was astonishing. Crystal clear video and digital surround sound sold me on the DVD format. I haven't been entirely blown away by the HD revolution. HDTV quality is good, but I find I can still live with standard def digital cable on a good quality television with a good cable signal.

I entirely disagree with you. SDTV has a defined limit of quality. As far as I'm concerned, VHS and DVD's looked pretty damn close to each other on the TV.

I think the HD revolution is the biggest thing since the color TV revolution. Yeah, your SD digital cable may look decent on a good quality TV, but an HD capable TV still has a HUGE difference. Even the fact that the screens have changed from 4:3 to 16:9 is huge.

Now that we can get broadcast HD even OTA from a local TV station, why can't we get that quality out of a DVD player? I think HD-DVD / Blu-Ray is overdue.

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