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Comment Works fine (Score 1) 341

Haters gonna hate, but well-written JS performs better than most php software. You could argue Javascript makes it easier to develop shitty code, but if you look at java, C and any other language for that matter, most software is shit and the one to blame is the programmer, not the language.

From shit ass slow angular websites to instant loading react ones, there just can't be a generalization. You have awesome software like Atom written in node and I bet many people would never realize it was written with Node.js.

We also have a lot of proprietary crap (look at IBM/MS stuff) written in C and now Java which are slow as a turtle. Node by itself is a fine tool and it sure does help me build better websites.

Just don't think a MEAN platform is gonna be the best for everything. I've often used node with PostgreSQL, for example, because it was a better combination for the job. The same applies for LAMP, it's not snake oil. Know your tools and use them wisely and you'll be fine with whatever path you pick.

Comment I thought I was going crazy (Score 1) 214

I have been noticing some random iTunes tracks disappearing, much to my annoyance when I want to listen a specific album. Well, as a savy user, I kept thinking it was my fault, that I somehow made some mistake when importing the tracks. Apple owes some kind of apology and compensation to those users affected. Especially since it's going to be very hard to identify which specific tracks iTunes has deleted.

Comment Too little, too late (Score 4, Interesting) 197

Torvalds claims, somewhat exaggeratedly, that he did write the core of git in two weeks, and, for any software developer, it's easy to see that git is a far more valuable tool to developers than any of its predecessors. After initial issues with bad command-line tools and crappy mswin compatibility, I think there are few reasons to complain about git nowadays.
It's a perfect *NIX source control system, doing one thing and doing it well.
To those who don't mind Linus's typical arrogance and want to see his side of the whole story, I recommend the following talk he gave at Google:

Comment Just use homebrew (Score 1) 184

Most decent programmers wil have updated their machine's git version using Homebrew. People who are not capable of doing it, probably won't even be using git in the first place. Also, it's possible to disable Apple's system protection by booting into recovery mode and running one or two commanda, thus giving root it's standard UNIX prerrogatives. Many users, myself included, choose to do this.

Comment Negligence by the regulators (Score 1) 567

Everyone was ready to lambast VW for the diesel emissions scandal.
But, even with plenty of evidence other manufacturers were engaging in similar practices, everything seems to have been forgotten and we're back (mostly) to normal. Even that scandal wasn't caught by standard testing, but by a third-party.

At the end of the day, the manufacturers still do whatever they want and good luck to the consumers. If this kind of thing happens to a relatively expensive vehicle like this, I can't begin to imagine what "innovations" to trim costs on cheaper models might be doing, even though they don't have this kind of press coverage.

Comment Re:"with the same characteristics" (Score 1) 141

Not that there is much use to this, since there's V8 out there which is multiplatform, but the fact is that they didn't open source all of Chakra. Things like browser hooks probably got removed. But they do claim it's the same code, as can be seed by the following quote from TFA link:

"Once the changes from any pull request have been vetted, our goal is to ensure that all changes find their way to be shipped as a part of the JavaScript engine powering Microsoft Edge and the Universal Windows Platform on Windows 10."

Comment How long till nobody else cares about Firefox? (Score 1) 199

They're almost done digging their own grave. It's slightly sad when you remember how they were pushing the limits of the internet in pre-1.0 and ~2.0 versions. But, nowadays, except maybe for Safari, which is still usable only because of Google contributions to Apple's codebase, Firefox has managed to be the slowest moving of the major browsers. Heck, even MS is being forced into getting community feedback for Edge and is actually implementing requested features, while mozilla continually spits at their users' face.

Comment Just check the file headers (Score 1) 74

When you're talking about PNG, if you're looking to avoid malicious files, you can just check the headers.
It's always the following decimal values:
137 80 78 71 13 10 26 10

Things get more tricky when you're talking about an exploitable file type, in which additional validation is required, but for most purposes, if the file being broken won't ruin the application, this is fine.

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