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Comment Re:Regulation caused the Great Depression (Score 2) 397

I think it's interesting how Obama has attempted to follow FDR's efforts but with much less legislative success. Due to the uncertainty, the bad law, and just the nasty anti-business attitude coming from the White House, businesses have been putting off investment and hiring for quite some time. But I imagine that will improve greatly in 2013, if Obama should be voted out.

Ridiculous! Businesses are putting off hiring because there is no demand. If these businesses had demand they'd be hiring, uncertainty, law, and the White House's attitude be damned. Your assertion to the contrary is clearly politically motivated.

Comment Re:remove excessive CO2? (Score 1) 521

This sounds great, but it's not such a good idea that people will just up and do this spontaneously. Black glass isn't worth any money, sadly.

I really think we are going to have to nickel and dime our way out of global warming. Reforestation AND fuels from atmospheric CO2 AND methane sequestration AND plastic from CO2 and anything else we can think of that reverses the atmospheric changes and might make someone somewhere a buck.

Comment Re:When we do it to you (Score 1) 382

Stuxnet was an attack on industrial control systems used in Iranian nuclear power plants. Are you implying that US nuclear power plants are not considered key infrastructure? And that a cyberattack bringing down that infrastructure would not be considered an act of war?

Stuxnet was an attack on the centrifuges. Iran has no nuclear power plants to harm, in fact we have OFFERED them nuclear power plants. A lie, and then a straw man argument. You're not arguing honestly.

Comment Re:When we do it to you (Score 3, Informative) 382

So if the United States sabotages Iranian efforts to develop nuclear power, and they have an energy shortfall which results in 100 preventable deaths of Iranian civilians who were on life support, this is just as bad as if the Iranian cyber-warfare division deliberately cut the power to a US hospital and 100 American civilians on life support died?

We and other countries have bent over backwards to offer Iran access to nuclear energy. If that's all they wanted they could have had it a decade ago, for cheap. No, they wanted to enrich uranium to make a nuclear weapon. When we blew up those centrifuges, we did it using computers AND NOBODY GOT BOMBED.

And before you get your jimmies rustled about those poor people in that energy starved hospital, may I remind you that Iran is one of the world's biggest oil producers. I think it might just be barely possible they could make up this imaginary shortfall with some of that oil.

Comment Re:Okay, what about prevention? (Score 1) 209

The lysis of two pounds of tissue is definitely a cause of negative side effects, but consider that the cancer in question (leukemia) is a cancer of the immune system, specifically cancerous B cells. The treatment does not distinguish between healthy and cancerous B cells, so you just never have B cells ever again.

Comment SJ and Gaddafi are both called "mercurial." (Score 1) 133

I remember, and I'll bet the record executives remember, a certain MacWorld keynote. If memory serves, an nVidia exec spilled the beans about the new Power Macs the night before the speech. When Steve got on the stage, those new Macs had ATI cards in them. It might not be a bluff, if they decide to kick one or more labels out of the iTunes store.

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