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Comment less sleep = longer life (Score 1) 272

If you only live x years, then increasing the percentage of that time that you spend awake means that you basically live longer. Sleeping is existing, certainly, but I wouldn't call it living. If this doesn't shorten human life spans significantly.. then it's a very good thing.

Comment Uh. (Score 1) 617

How about making it work with gnome-globalmenu like a REAL native gnome application before you go making its platform integration even worse (if possible)? Apple comes up with good ideas. Microsoft comes up with solutions to problems generated by their own ridiculous oversight. If you're going to copy one, copy Apple. Give us globalmenu compatibility.

Comment I wonder. (Score 2, Interesting) 513

How much would you pay for a professional music suite from Canonical if they promised to release the source code under the GPLv2 after 18 months?

Me, I'd feel a lot better about that, because paying money for proprietary software.. it seems like it's just going into some black hole. For code that will be Free some day? That strikes me as more palatable. Like it's an investment in something bigger than just 1's and 0's on my own machine. Makes it seem more worth it, to me.

Comment In school, they tought us how to (Score 1) 921

write checks. How to write in cursive. How to spell. How to mail letters.

It's all worthless to me now. At the end, they taught us to type in qwerty on Windows, but I use colemak and Ubuntu now, so even that's of no use to me. If none of the girls I met at school marry me, I may consider it to have been a waste of my time.

Get rid of public schools, give us free internet instead. Curiosity has always been the most powerful learning force, and it always will be.

Comment I set up a dual user computer (Score 1) 424

..wtih Ubuntu 8.04 and userful. I had to use the same gpu for both seats, and neither had 3d accel. Doing what you want seems like it may require having multiple identical gpu's. You may have to wait for MultiDisplay Manager to make it into Xorg, in addition to WINE supporting the game you want to play (Maybe Direct3D gallium frontend or something.) Right now? Rent a rig or something.

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