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Comment Re:This is what folks mean (Score 1) 384

by Institutionalize racism. It's when it's buried so deep in your society that it's hard to separate it from statistical data. Forest for the trees and what not. It starts getting hard to separate cause and effect. Actually no, that's not right. It becomes easy to _not_ separate them. In the overt scenario blacks get profiled for crime. In the not so overt one they can't get loans because folks in those neighborhoods are 3% more likely to default. This is what happens when you feed large amounts of data into complex systems without knowing or caring about the consequences...

Sounds like these AIs would be a good way to expose subtle institutionalized bias. Scrub a an attribute like race or sex from training data, then add it back to the results, and then if there's still bias, it can help figure out why.

Comment Re:The four seats were used by crew, how was this (Score 1) 575

The Aviation Security officer has already been placed on leave and his outfit as publicly stated his actions were not in line with their policy (re: he's f*cked).

Now it's on to see how UA is going to handle this mess.

I think the former statement answers your question. They'll say "We asked Aviation Security to remove the passenger in accordance with our policies that he agreed to when purchasing the ticket, and they screwed it up. Not our fault."

Comment Re:I'm shocked the drug companies are so greedy (Score 1) 311

We all know these drugs have an insane markup. The drug companies are getting rick because they set astronomical prices for drugs the might help people, even a little. And they get it because insurance is forced to pay for it, not individuals who could never come up with the money on an individual basis. We have created the problem by mandating insurance and then letting the drug companies pilfer it blind.

It's possible I just don't know how things work, but are the insurance companies really *forced* to pay those prices? Why can't they look at how much it costs to produce a drug and simply refuse to pay more than a certain price for it? Most people won't be able to afford it, and the drug company's market shrinks. The first insurance company to do this would have a competitive advantage, and I'd think the rest would have to follow suit. Meaning the drug companies sell cheaper or have little to no market. Obviously, they're not currently doing this, so there must be a reason...

Comment Re:Sledgehammer approach. (Score 2) 163

I'm not.
I think most here on /. are of this general opinion. It's machiavellian for sure, but really does have the whole "Ends justify the means" feel to it.

Hopefully (though doubtfully) the OEMs will be eating a lot of warranty returns. It is only if this costs the OEMs money that the problems will be fixed. If it only costs the end users money then not a ton will really happen.

I was thinking it'd be neat if the malware had a database of warranty information and geo-IP-based warranty laws, and it actually tried to figure out if the device was still under warranty. Silently close the backdoor and go dormant if it thinks it's not under warranty, brick it if it thinks it is.

Comment Re:Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proo (Score 1) 251

.. the "secret" (he's figured out how to create a stable wormhole to another dimension where the charge is much greater than our own (see, not creating energy from nothing, just stealing from someone else)... Whoops! Hope they don't come after me)...

So, really, he's invented epsilonic radiating aorist rods... :P

Comment Re:Possible issue with this logic (Score 1) 144

Good intention, but what's to prevent a border patrol agent from a rogue state from just detaining people until the trip mode timer expires?

Set a "home" location. Require the mobile device to be physically located within a certain distance of that area (determined via GPS) in order for trip mode to be deactivated.

Comment Re:Take the bus (Score 1) 75

Not to sound like a /. shill, but I've given up on flights that are to major cities less than 500 miles from where

My math goes something like this:
Min door-to-door flight time is usually 45 min to airport, 45 min from airport, 30 min+ for security & bag check, 1hr safety margin, 15-30 min taxiing, plus flight time.
That's 3-4 hours+ (~200 mile drive) just dealing with the hassles surrounding air travel. Add another 50 miles driven for every hour you spend in the air.
Then, I personally am willing to deal with another hour or two of driving (+100mi) because I don't have to worry about transportation once I get where I'm going, maybe another hour or two because I can pack as much as I want of whatever I want, and significantly more time if I'm going with someone (no increase in cost, plus a relief driver).

Comment Re:Then leave Silicon Valley (Score 1) 504

Moving someplace new generally requires a sizable amount of liquid funds to cover moving expenses, deposits, etc., not to mention the costs associated with finding a new job to go to. The working poor don't often have that kind of money on hand to spend.

Exactly. And I would actually happily support using some of my tax money to subsidize these economic prisoners moving to more sane markets. I'd much rather do that than subsidize their housing, which just makes the problem worse. If all of the people doing those low-paying jobs suddenly are able to leave, it will reduce housing pressure, lower prices, and also force those jobs to actually pay a living wage to get people to stay and do them.

Comment Re:Considering is different from doing something (Score 1) 218

Considering Big-O is different than doing something about it. In my experience, for most applications, you are way more likely to be bound by network speed, local I/O, or something else entirely out of your control. That said, it is OK to look at something and say, "gee, if I take path A, it will be O(n^3) but if I take path B it will be O(n log n), so I should go with B since I it will only add 10% to my implementation time and will prevent it from being a bottleneck later on."

I'm glad at least some developers understand this. I'm on the infrastructure side of things, and we constantly deal with devs that don't take that into account. Yes, your code is technically O(n), but when you're doing something stupid like querying a DB for 200k record IDs, then going back and making 200k separate, tiny queries for each row individually, your code is really more like O(n + network RTT + DB query time), which is about three to four orders of magnitude slower than your code by itself. And that's on a network that has a firewall up to keeping the RTT under 1ms.

Comment Re:What a waste (Score 1) 61

This is exactly what I was thinking. The EM noise from transferring that much power like that seems like it would be insane. Don't go near it with any electronics?

I would think a simple system where you essentially have an upside down pantograph on the bottom of the car would be the most straightforward way of doing it, as well as having the potential to power the car in motion as well. There could be some safety issues with exposed contacts on the floor, but requiring the pantograph to exert several hundred pounds of pressure to press down to a contact might be a simple way of sidestepping that (at least for stationary applications).

Comment Re:Will that actually help? Also, Wi-Fi (Score 1) 229

Why store it on the camera at all. In a situation where you or a source is risking their life/freedom, it seems like some kind of satellite-based relay that sends stuff off ASAP would be worth investigating. You could even make it look to the camera like a flash card, so it works with any camera.

Probably doesn't matter much, though. Any jurisdiction where that would be an issue would just make possession of such a device (or encryption-capable recording devices) carry similar penalties.

Comment Re:so we single folks (Score 2) 179

get to pick up the slack with no extra PTO or a larger salary? I understand the need to help parents, and i don't dispute it. I get that maybe parents needsome time out for a new birth or to leave early or come in late or take time off now and again to deal with older kids, but 20 weeks at full pay? doesn't that put a huge burden on those who dont have kids to pick up the slack?

As a single person with no kids, even I won't complain about giving a new parent a break.

That said, no way am I working a bunch of extra hours for 20 weeks to cover for an event that you knew damn well was coming for the last nine months. If you didn't get temp help, that means you're OK with stuff falling behind while they're gone.

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