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Comment Re:A news? (Score 1) 190

That's the most idiotic comment if i ever heard one. The virtual screen obscures half of what you're looking at? for the X time your are typing ? a feature phone blocks half of ALL of your phone, depriving you permanently of the possible screen area you would have if you didn't have a mechanical keyboard claiming half of your phone space.

Comment Not sure I understand (Score 2) 116

The user will receive a code via sms which then he will have to manually enter ? If that is so, it is a much worse - less practical - tactic than just entering my password. Unless, the app will automatically read the sms and enter the code. Plus I don't understand why this new method is needed, most apps and browsers offer the option to save my credentials, why would we need a new method ?

Comment Re:not the only coutry (Score 5, Informative) 236

That's where it geographically should be (Greenwich meridian) and it isn't for political reasons. It's not just what you said, but also reasons such as differentiating from the UK.France's time was GMT+0 and it was changed by occupying Nazis. When the war ended, there was a decision to change it back but it was canceled.

Spain is in the "wrong" time-zone as well due to Franco's decision during WW2.

Comment shameful slashvertisment (Score 0) 179

"The high speed Thunderbolt interface standard, which is used for everything " Seriously ? Is it indeed used for everything ? By all 12 worldwide users of thunderbolt?

"this time jumping from 20Gbps to a whopping 40Gbps. While that is impressive in its own right" - this one sounds like it was worded by a poorly paid marketeer.

"the truly big news is that Thunderbolt 3 is moving away from the Mini DisplayPort" - see above

Comment flat as a pancake: invasion pending (Score 5, Interesting) 236

I (genuinely) don't understand this tendency with flat buttons and interfaces, they do look slight of "90-sh revamped". Generally speaking through the years, changes in the UI have been positive and IMHO they were at their peak with Windows 7.

What's the sudden (the last year or two) appeal with the super flat GUIs all over the place ?

Change for the sake of .. UX experts...I apologize, for the sake of change ?

Comment Re:first=win (Score 2) 99

android (iphone is eating the dust of android phones)
google search (if you think that google was the first ever search engine, yahoo, altavista says hello to you)
facebook (myspace is still angry you know)
need more example of non-first runners winners?

Comment Re:Ukraine's borders were changed by use of force (Score 1) 304

Is this the first time in your life that you see a not 100% correct by the international standards change of regimes/borders (Kosovo comes to mind)? On the other hand I do like your Kuril argument. Let's extend it a bit more: "Finally, would the British Empire accept a referendum by residents of it's colonies in the new world, for example, on breaking away from motherland and becoming independent?" Those sorts of things are not achieved by throwing roses at your enemies.

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