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Comment Re:Hydrogen (Score 1) 436

You are correct. Hydrogen is a method of storing energy, not generating it. Nuke plants are great for producing hydrogen, but any power source can be technically used to do it. I'm not sure that any of the "renewable" sources listed above lends itself to such as well as nuke does, or significantly better than the others.

Comment Re:Paid off the house (Score 1) 582

In the US, they are also deductible. Essentially, you subtract the interest you pay on your home from your income. Assuming a 50% tax rate, your 6% home interest rate is costing you only 3% in spendable dollars (not counting principal).
Some people stop there. You have to look at it from the other side though. For every $1.00 you give the bank, the government gives you back $.50. Some people think this is a good idea, even if they could stop paying the interest at all. I haven't figured out why.

Comment Re:Unexpected results (Score 2, Insightful) 582

Even on a paid-off house, you still have property tax, house insurance, maintenance costs (repairs, lawn care, snow removal...)
Yes, the maintenance costs generally go down if you DIY, but you're still spending time, and that's a cost too. You can also not carry insurance (if you have no mortgage) but that increases the risk of some serious maintenance costs in the event of fire, break-in, etc.
Housing is never really free. Even living in your parents' basement, you've got some form of cost, even if not financial. (Sanity? That's what you get in your shoes when you walk on a beach, right?)

Comment Re:The solution.. (Score 1) 484

This is what I do too. Homebrew hardware running Debian, with 4 drives in a RAID5 configuration running EXT3, shared over the gigabit network using Samba. Bottleneck is the laptop hard drive. It works great, and I can afford to have a single drive fail with no data loss. I mainly use it to back up hard drives and to store media files (movies and music.) The server also doubles as the network's router, but that's irrelevant to this discussion.

Comment Re:I ran out of names for my workstation (Score 1) 688

My servers and workstations increment through the alphabet.
Last octet of the static IP is based on the position in the alphabet of each hostname and the NIC number in the system (Addled = .10, Burnout = .20 and .21 etc) regardless of which subnet that NIC resides on. When a system is retired, so is the name. Using this method I can get a pretty good idea of how old a system is in relation to the others. This scheme only works in a very small environment.
My suggestion is thus:
1-25 workstations: be creative. Use names that you can remember.
25-100 workstations: create groups of rooms or departments based on themes, and be creative within the themes. Tag hostnames on cases.
100+ workstations: use an asset-tag type scheme, possibly including location (campus-level, not cube-level) information that won't change, and perhaps user. Tag hostnames on cases. Reimage and rename systems when repurposing. Use a database to track specifics of the systems.

Comment Re:Someone is lying here (Score 4, Insightful) 520

Remember, different peoples' views of the important aspects of driving differ. One might say it's most important to signal properly while another might say it's more important to maintain a safe speed. I'm sure everyone can agree that staying out of accidents is at the top of the list, but below that things get a little fuzzy, and everyone can find lots of drivers who don't signal lane changes or speed or cut people off (and often all of the above and more.) Everyone will focus on what they view as important and rate themselves based on that.

Comment Re:Question is ... (Score 1) 860

Problem with Hawkeye is you would die on the operating table while he talked about how much he hates war, violence, etc. Am I right people?!

No, you're not. Hawkeye hates the war, but when he's operating he's operating. Yes he gripes while doing it, but he's one of the best doctors in the Army. The 4077 had the best record of any MASH unit and Hawkeye was the best doctor they had, as confirmed by numerous people numerous times.

Comment Re:Repair a clone of a clone (Score 1) 399

Assuming the disk works at all: Work on a clone, not the original.

If you are working on a 2nd generation clone you can afford to take risks in restoring the filesystem. "Oh it that didn't work, fire up another clone and try something else".

This is what I have done using Ghost. There was an option to take a bit-for-bit copy of the drive. It didn't always work, but it would sometimes let you make a backup of the bad drive and restore it onto a good one, and then take a proper ghost image if necessary and recover your files. Any files which were corrupted on the original would still be corrupted, but anything else on the drive was suddenly readable and writable, meaning you can not only recover your data but even repair Windows if necessary and keep using the same drive image so there was typically no need to completely rebuild the system.

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