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Comment Being poor does not mean one is lazy or stupid. (Score 1) 459

I am homeless. I work when possible. I pay my taxes when I work. I do not stand in a breadline. I help others when possible. I have given away laptops to those I feel need them. I work on people's computers for free if I believe they need the help. I am in my situation because of having depression. I will stand up for others that are not able to do so for themselves. It is difficult to get back on your feet when you lose everything. I know of people that work to support their families and choose to be homeless so that their children are not. It is easy to condemn others when you are not in their situation.
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Journal Journal: Really?

The things that people link on slashdot and you would think it is 4chan.
At least there, they stay to themselves.

Comment Re:More News: (Score 1) 127

Graphic drivers need to be built with OpenGL and Mesa for the ppc64 architecture before such games can be developed. Will Blender work on the machine and at what rate of rendering? What rendering engine is used by PS3 game developers? Has it been ported to FreeBSD?

Comment Performance increase (Score 1) 127

Consider the performance of FreeBSD to Linux on other machines and architectures. Now, such a device could be used as a console/thin client when connected to another machine running FreeBSD. One can set up a router, using the PS3 to SSH into other local machines.

Comment Why is the performance not improved first? (Score 1) 143

CPUs of the i386/amd64 architecture are- with very few exceptions- not able to handle large loads without bottlenecking, creating excessive lag, and forcing the system to shut down. "Ooooh, look. The transistors are smaller." Ooooh, look. SPARC and POWER CPUs still outperform i386/amd64 processors. Why do the x86(_64) processors require so much memory when performing a task?
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Journal Journal: Pode ler si deseja

Pensamentos criticais e personais. Comprou computadores usados por menos a nada. Tentei fazer sistemas de Linux e BSD na caixas de ppc, ultrasparc, i386. As problemas continuas: yaboot não funcionar com OF nem command line.

Comment Equipment, architecture, willingness to work. (Score 1) 384

The majority of virtualization softwares is directed to the i386/AMD64 architecture. Keep this in mind if you are working on mobile equipment, SBCs, other computers- SPARC, PPC, MIPS, etc. You can throw most of these solutions out the window. Host and client usage will usually be the same. The average home user isn't out to throw away a chunk of money on software; because you're giving suggestions such as Xen, VMWare, etc doesn't mean that they are practical. Is the host secure? Are you just wanting services or an entire system? Will your equipment pass the basic requirements? Have you considered an alternate such as SSH login to another box?

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