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Comment Re:Windows is easier for the average person to use (Score 1) 117

I agree with you. Most of the answers I see under here are from the same people you address in your post. Most people do not care about the operating system, and they never will, and they should be free not to care. They do not want configurability, package repositories, terminal windows and a GUI that changes fundamentally every few years (that is why Windows 8 was a disaster). They just want to do what they are required to and then go and live their normal lives.

Comment Re:FINALLY! (Score 1) 167

When did "Doing exactly what you want in an intuitive way is a basic function of any software.”? I thought that was the holy grail of software. I have still not used one source control system that I found hard to use and in my experience git-repos get messed-up more often than others (might be because they are the most common). Some devs seems to have problem understanding remotes and rebase.

Comment Re:A lot of his argument is valid to be honest... (Score 1) 259

First: it is not hard to buy a Windows pc, even in parts. If there is anything i particular you need the answer is just one google search away. Reader of this forum should know how to use google. And there are plenty of high end workstations available from dell, hp and lenovo if you want one pre-assembled. Second: Show me a benchmark between two equal priced computers where the underlying motherboard cripples everything up. I have heard this Apple dogma for ages, and so far I have seen no proof of it.

Comment Re:FX Pro on apple.... (Score 1) 259

I agree. This is just dumb. Thomas Grove Carter says... giraffs are faster then elephants, he saw an elephant once. Wheels are rounder than LPs, he can feel it. Cars are faster than trains, and he has a drivers license. Of course he works faster on a mac when he is used to using a mac, and he would look like and idiot if he said anything else.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 287

As a Linux and Windows user this makes for about the funniest read I have had for a while... Everything is backwards... Of course drivers are written by the manufacturers. They know how the hardware works. It would be ridicules if Microsoft where to write drivers for the hardware producers. It works exactly the same way in Linux, the hardwareproducers make the driveres. Some drivers are included and some has to be downloaded. As most drivers takes a while to get into the kernel (if they even get there) or there are newer and more stable versions available. I have compiled and loaded modules for most of my laptops get the optimal performance and remove annoying bugs for as long as I can remember. It would be stupid to add lots of drivers to the install-media.

Comment Re:sharp edge (Score 1) 304

the ridiculous noise was the first thing i noticed when my employer bought these computers. there was no dust in them back then. there simply isn't a large enough air exhaust to be quiet.

Macs are the quietest laptops (about 1/3 of the population) in our company of 5000+. Are you sure you or your employer aren't mining bitcoin in the background or something?

Unless the rest of your company does not use computers, but hoover vacuum cleaners this has to be a joke... There are some serious cooling issues with the high end versions for sure.

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