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Comment Re:Hide? Why? (Score 1) 789

submitter mentioned that the police/government could be complicit so going to the police may not be a smart idea but lawyer and press are good ideas though.

In general, making use of media and putting it all out there is the best chance you have; first, record and reveal, to as wide a public forum as possible, all that you have witnessed and your potential risks as a result. then, start filming your own life as much as you can, at home, at work and in between; broadcast it, put it on youtube, let people watch you and let them watch the people watching you.

it's a really radical step to go the Bourne way, especially with family, but if you really have to do that then your best bet would be actually the Assange way; seek asylum in an embassy that does not have an extradition treaty with any of the G8 countries.

Comment Who's buying? (Score 2) 191

The interwebs is filled with stories, articles and opinions about why getting in on the Facebook IPO is such a bad idea. I can't find a single piece that argues for buying FB shares now (if you do, can you please share?). So I'm wondering, if there is such an overwhelming negativity against the shares, what's driving this demand up and making fb add more shares?! brokerage firms are offering pre-orders for pre-screened buyers with a minimum number of orders and still are not guaranteeing issuance of shares. If so many people are saying don't do it, who are all the people who are doing it, and why? I find it hard to believe that so many people are actually ignoring the news and willing to put money down - surely there's something we're missing?

what's the pro argument for fb shares?

Comment Re:Quick primer on the downfall of the US economy (Score 1) 332

You, and other people who befall the myth of assuming America has no manufacturing industry need to watch PBS's America Revealed series. Particularly the 4th episode for manufacturing America Revealed.

The US has one of the most advanced scientific communities in the world, and leads in terms of innovation and creation. This country is seeing enough heartbreak as it is from extremely divisive and counter-productive religion/political debates, let's at least keep the scientific/technological community above such disparaging and gloomy arguments.

Comment Re:Scary (Score 1) 447

your underlying assumption here is that finite population growth affects the supply of said commodity. How about solar energy? The supply of solar energy is not dependent on population growth. It is equally available (well, more or less among latitudes of greatest population density) to all, yet can be tapped with different levels of efficiency, and can be owned / used / traded. Obviously the biggest problem is storing it, which is essential for a tradeable commodity, but assume we invent a way to store large amounts of energy efficiently. Now imagine a world where everyone trades in kJ of energy - isn't that what one would want to connect to, as a constant value?

Comment Re:What distribution left for developers? (Score 1) 455

Thanks for talking some sense among this crowd of boo-hoos. Someone complained that Shuttleworth got an iPad and now he's making everything look 'icon'y. well, so what? Its a good thing, at least he's looking at the future, of touch interfaces (perhaps even Ubuntu on mobile devices), instead of staying in the past and designing static UIs for people refusing to adapt.

Also i think the left sidebar option in Unity is clever because nowadays almost all screens are widescreen, while webpages and documents mostly go vertical - so it makes sense to use some of that side space for the launcher, instead of cutting into the vertical real estate. Besides, as parent pointed out - the key is to get work done, not how snazzy you can make your desktop look like with a zillion customization options. I'll take a consistent and convenient UI anyday.

I was a Debian user (into the famed 3.x series) before I switched to Ubuntu ~6-7 years ago, and while Unity has its quirks and dysfunctions, I feel it is a step in the right direction. It is not trying to become Windows or Mac OS while becoming less linux - it's just becoming more Ubuntu.

Comment reactionary much? (Score 1) 160

why is this story tagged 'peeping tom'? if we're able to gain deeper insights into human cognitive abilities and language learning skills (which is a crucial part of developing strong AI), the price of privacy is cheap. the whole up-in-arms-about-privacy that people tend to get into is becoming more and more of a reactionary effect these days without them actually realizing the tradeoff and making a decision on a case-by-case basis.

sometimes, it is worth it.

Comment Re:Evidence and Explanation (Score 1) 596

Thank you for that extremely lucid explanation! Along the same lines, I'd like to add, what Bing should do is carry out a 'reverse sting' by gaming the Google search system - using the same method: create 100 honeypot terms, search using Google, click on first links until the pagerank bubbles up to top.

This alleged 'sting' is, like you said, just a smart way of gaming the Bing system and nothing else.

Comment Re:You also can't load code onto your microwave (Score 1) 568

I have a choice as a consumer, and I've made one.

Good for you. So why do you keep commenting on every Apple story about the 'walled garden' and your problems with it? Is it because you are unhappy with your current choice and you would like to go with Apple if only they played according to your rules? or do you really think the readers here (on /., of all places) are so ignorant that you feel the need to constantly remind them of Apple's walled garden, when they make their choices? when you proclaim that you have a choice as a consumer and you've made yours, is it that hard to accept others are doing the same thing, and happy for the same reason?

This is not a personal attack on you, I wholly understand your point but I'm curious to know why the insistence - I can see a legitimate complaint when you are torn between choices - but why after you have made your choice? In fact, let's make this twitter-blunt: can you give the reason in 140 characters?

Comment sony got this right (Score 3, Interesting) 256

for scribbling margin notes, highlighting, syncing notes with PC/mac - and more, the Sony Daily Edition perfectly fits the bill. That device is the right size, feature list and perhaps the correct price point. Sony should be peddling that to the universities to finally gain some respectable foothold in the e-book industry.

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