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Submission + - Researcher Develops Explosion-Proof Lithium Metal Battery, 2X Power Of Li-Ion (

MojoKid writes: Tufts University professor and founder of Ionic Materials, Mike Zimmerman, hopes that his resilient ionic battery technology will finally replace Lithium Ion. The reason scientists and researchers pay so much attention to battery design is because today's lithium-ion technologies have several downsides, as we saw recently with Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 recall. If you were to take apart a lithium-ion battery, you'd find a positive electrode called the anode and a negatively charged electrode called the cathode. There's a thin separator that sits between the anode and cathode. Everything else is filled up with liquid, or electrolyte. Charging the battery causes positively charged ions to flow through the liquid from the negative side to the positive side. As you use the battery, the ions flow in the opposite direction. However, the electrolyte is extremely flammable and they can explode when pierced or overheated. Zimmerman's ionic battery trades the flammable liquid for a piece of plastic film to serve as the electrolyte. It isn't prone to overheating and catching fire. The same goes for piercing, cutting or otherwise destroying the battery. Also, unlike lithium-ion batteries, Zimmerman's ionic batteries use actual lithium-metal, which can store twice as much power. Lithium-ion batteries don't contain lithium-metal because they're even more prone to overheating and exploding than lithium-ion, but that risk is removed by Zimmerman swapping out the liquid electrolyte for a solid.

Comment Re:Employment is not the goal (Score 1) 364

solar requires far more workers per MWH for some reason.

Solar power has a significantly lower energy return on energy invested. Solar is a very wasteful energy source up front. (Before people get upset, this increases over time as the energy investment happens only once while cells generate energy for decades. The problem is those future MWH can't be used today.)

Comment Re:America! (Score 2) 726

I know I"m moving closer and closer to the "get off my lawn" crowd, but please tell me, I missed it..when did things change an EVERY job available became one where you were supposed to make a living from and have a career?

You better be careful even asking this question. The baristas at Starbucks might draw nasty designs in your foam.

Comment we = "civilization as we know it" (Score 2) 522

There is no reason whatsoever to think that a civilization of hunter gatherers cannot continue to survive on Earth for a long, long time to come. Even if the oceans rise several feet there will still be arable land somewhere. The people who say we are destroying the planet are full of sh*t. The only thing we can do is make it inhospitable for humans to exist. The *Earth* will continue and some kind of life will survive and even thrive. It just may not include homo sapiens.

Comment Re:maaaan (Score 2) 382

In his defense, he probably didn't think he was doing anything wrong by removing those files

Document retention regulations have been around for quite a while now. Any network engineer that isn't aware that there are rules in place about this, especially since he knew the identity of the VIP, isn't a very good systems manager. Back when I wore that hat, there were occasions when I made sure a request like this came from a supervisor and in writing.

Comment Re:Stargate Lesson (Score 5, Insightful) 304

Sometimes I'll just say "that movie SUCKED. But the visual effects were AWESOME!".

This is the reason that for the Academy Awards each category, save Best Picture, is voted on only by the members in that category. A movie can absolutely suck but have great music or amazing editing. The people who work in a field know for what to look when they watch and know good work when it happens.

Comment Re:Apple's new motto: We own what we sell you. (Score 1) 266

Making a device that lets other, non-governmental people stop me from using it is not a service, it's a theft.

Not if you agree to those terms. If the terms of attending a concert are "no recording, filming or photography" then you agree to be stopped by attending the concert. Don't like those terms? Don't go.

Comment Re:Of course, nothing prevents the owner from (Score 0) 266

if they're smuggled in, returning them after the concert.

Why stop there? Put up a sign stating that cellphones observed during the concert will be confiscated and turned over to authorities whereupon the owner will be charged with some minor crime/fined if they show up to retrieve it.

The performer has the right to set the conditions under which they perform and observers violating those terms deserve some kind of negative reinforcement.

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