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Journal Journal: Surprise! 1

Haha, I finally posted again... it's been years since I posted regularly. Silly slashdot, not having years in the dates.

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Journal Journal: So much to do!

Gah! So much to do. Graphic projects, classes, homework, meetings! I envy those of you who haven't started school again... It really feels like summer never existed - not because I didn't do anything or never got to relax or I don't remember it, but rather, this year feels like a complete extension of last year. Eh but I feel good for having a cool new thing on my website - art of the week. Now if I just remember to update it every week...
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Journal Journal: Blurgh.

Blurgh I need spring break to come.
Evil history paper.

Can't really say much else without violating my code of what-I-write-on-my-blog ethics. -.-

so tired.
really really really need's late at night and I still have pages to go on my paper.

Kevin, I send my sympathies to you, since your cat died. Everybody who reads this, feel sorry for Kevin's cat.

When I get time next, I should read Ender's Game, etc. again. Ah for a good depressing book to read. Sorry, Kevin - sometimes I just feel like being depressed.

guhhhh...*dies* need sleep...

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Journal Journal: Lobster Bucket

Sigh... why does going into the Cyan chat room always piss me off? I don't understand it. I love all the Myst games. I get along fine in the TMBG chat rooms. Within moments of showing up in the CC, I almost always find that the tension rises dramatically between me and the other people.

I feel bad because I don't understand their sense of humor. It's almost always the same people, and they're almost always there. I feel really bad because they don't like the way I talk to them either. It's not like I don't like them, but somehow we don't seem to mesh.

I guess I just spent too much time in the TMBG chat, and now I talk like they do - kind of bitchy, kind of overly formal, and not like the CC people want. I think CC is buggy or something too, because it doesn't work with tabbed browsing, and it has other annoying problems.

Sitting and watching them, I keep wanting to make comments. I start typing. Then I realize they probably won't appreciate my comment. Dang it, I need a TMBG/CC room to talk in. Too bad the TMBG room died.

Y'know, maybe I'll just make a new nick, say that I'm new to the chat room and sort of new to chats in general, and ask what people talk about and stuff. Just see if I can start over.

Anyway, in happier news, yesterday was my birthday. One of my friends gave me what must be some of the most awesome jewelry ever - made from resistors! w00t.

5w337 16, w00t!!1!

Kevin gave me this great CD by the Aquabats. ^_^ Haven't had much time to listen to it, but I do have one quote I'd like to share.

"Lobsters in a bucket
Can't climb out
Why won't they climb away?
Because other lobsters
Pull them down."


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Journal Journal: I LOVE CON SO MUCH!

Con is the best thing in the world that I've tried. I love you all so freakin' much. Because all you need is love (doododododoo).


You guys are really great, and I can't express how much I love everybody. It's amazing what a beautiful light Joys & Concerns followed by 0 sleep can put the world in. A very beautiful light indeed. There is much weird beauty in the urban landscape if you look, or whatever Y.T. says.

I think that even though I was helping to run that Con, I had so much fun at it... it rivals the best. Of course, they all seem to be indescribeably beautiful and amazing to me.


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Journal Journal: It's Monday and I have school tomorrow

Lalalala... I'm back home from skiing.

Myst V was announced! W00t, now I can finally talk about it... My gag order has almost expired : )

So due to the announcement of Myst V, I've decided to submit an article to /. - we'll see if it shows up soon.

My day was pretty good, for spending almost the whole time in the car. There was Star Trek on the cable at the hotel this morning, which was cool. I love Spock! And I watched Yellow Submarine in the car on my happy laptop. ^_^ Yay. I should unpack all my junk and clean up my room though. I spent the afternoon drawing after we got back.

But there was no school today. If nothing else, we owe MLKJr that at least. But of course, we owe him for a lot of other stuff too. I like his "I have a dream" speech. Yay for him.

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Journal Journal: Dude, another person!

Whoa, It's Alan! I'm so sorry I didn't notice your entry on my blog until now. : ( I don't really keep up on my blog much, in case you didn't notice. The only person I know who looks at /. is somebody who graduated from my school in the spring. I didn't think anybody read my blog at all, actually.


You should be happy for two reasons! One, I finally noticed your post, which you shouldn't take personally. Right now is the first time I checked for comments, actually. Two, I remember who you are! Isn't that cool? And a third that I just came up with. I remember noticing your user name before, when your submission was accepted. That's really cool that your news was accepted.

Yay, somebody read my blog. If you ever happen to stop by again, leave me another comment.


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Journal Journal: Stuff (cuz I'm tired after skiing all day)

So I spent the day skiing in sub-zero (F) temperatures. Temp = not fun, skiing = fun. I don't have anything else particular to talk about, so here's a little story from school the other day.

Bahaha, it was great - the other day, I was walking back to school from PE class in the gym, and I was talking to a couple of other guys. They like to tease me about Nate, because he's in my PE class. So we were walking back to school, and one of them asks me "Have you seen Nate's ... Powerbook G4?" It was pretty obvious that it was supposed to be innuendo, but I figured it would be better to treat it as if it wasn't, just in case. So I responded that "I've seen Nate's *G5 tower.*" The other guy exclaimed "I meant that to be innuendo!" He then proceeded to ask me about whether a G5 was better than a G4. Duh. He has no understanding of computers. But I didn't want to be defending Nate any more than I had already inadvertently done, so I told him to go look it up online, whether G5 was better than G4. Anyway, Nate does actually have a G5 tower (the computer, I don't know about the other thing... ~_^). After the other guy said that he meant it to be innuendo, I was *really* glad that I hadn't said that Nate has a picture of me sleeping on his G5. Which he also has. It's on my website, for those of you who know.

The other guy is hilarious in his stupidity, because he asks me broadly if I've seen Nate's Powerbook G4, but then isn't sure if a G5 tower is better than a Powerbook G4. Come on! First, the numbers are higher, and second, the way I emphasized "G5 tower," you'd think he could tell that it's better. Oh well. And especially if you're thinking in the innuendo-mindset, doesn't G5 tower sound so much better than Powerbook G4? I mean, the tower part... it does seem like it would be a good innuendo thing. I think the other guy is trying to hit on me sometimes. But I do my best to crush him down when he tries to have a conversation like the one I've related. Haha, guys. And jocks, especially.


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Journal Journal: Long break is over!

Hey checkitout, I'm back now!

It's been a while, but I'm back. yay. So I'm gunna talk about how much I love wireless access today. So I spent all morning at this stupid SAT practice test. *All* morning. (digression: I saw some guy who I thought was Bergandine's son at the test site, but I don't think it was actually him). Then I spent the afternoon driving to Wisconsin to go skiing. Now I'm lying on the couch at the hotel we're staying at, typing away on my laptop (another new development, more later!) to my /. blog, with the wonderful wireless access we have here. Wireless! I love you. : )

So, other developments. The Wednesday before Turkey Day, my new iBook G4 arrived. It's beautiful! 14" screen, active matrix display, Panther installed... all mine! *hugs iBook* It makes me very happy. Shorah is my own Eve. Applegeeks is a great comic strip, all you great loyal followers of my blog (who are oh-so-numerous, I know) should read it.

Other stuff: Yesterday was Stephen's birthday. Happy birthday Stephen! And very happy Rose too, since she and Stephen are going to the Winter formal dance next weekend. Yay for Rose! I know she's very happy about it.

I'm thinking I'll keep this blog updated some when I have time, because it is kind of cool to have a blog.

Yeah, so, Con is in a few weeks, which is really great.


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Journal Journal: Not PC club meeting on Thursday... 1

Bob had sooo better email me back soon... I have to know whether we're going to get the iMac G5 this week or whether I have to BS my way through another meeting without having anything to talk about. Fuck, I'm screwed. This club is *not* working out. Beesley is pissed at me because I won't let him take the picture yet, and nobody fucking comes to the meetings.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: Day... uh... Something!


What the heck? I'm supposed to make my journal *on a topic?* Are you kidding me? Why don't I have the "User Journal" option for my Journal Topic? Okay, well, for lack of *any* other good choice, I'll put "It's funny. Laugh." So, I expect all of you to LAUGH. haha. XD (yes, it's an emoticon - think laughing really hard... I learned it from Steven.)

Anyway, I was too lazy to post yesterday, so I've lost count, and once again am too lazy to... go back and count my previous posts (yes, dammit, I *can* count that high, shut up, it's not that funny.) So, after that little exploration into erockett's paranoia, this post will continue. [more paranoia.] I would tell a joke, but I'm not feeling like telling you one.

Today I went to my friend's house, where we played "Scattergories," and my creativity and inspiration were ruthlessly crushed. Again and again. We also played croquet, but I won at that, so I don't feel too bitter. I also talked to her parents for quite a while about computers, Apple, Woz and Jobs (Woz!), and a book I'm reading. That was cool, because even though her family uses Windows (she says "But I don't like Macs..." every time I try to get her to come to my club), her dad used to use Macs occasionally (how the heck did he manage to go *back* to Windows, I'll never know), and so her parents are both fairly open-minded about computers, and actually know stuff about Woz/Jobs/Apple. Wow, that was a looong sentence. Anyway. Woz emailed me! I still get hyper from that idea. I realize that I'm making a big deal out of it, but if I don't, I'll never manage to care enough to actually get him to come to Not PC. Also, it's fun to get that hyper rush about something that only one of my girl friends appreciates *at all,* and none of them understand it. However, I know a group of guys (incl. the one who recommended me to /.) who actually get at least somewhat excited by it. J.E.L.C may be really sweet, but they DON'T UNDERSTAND GEEKINESS. I really enjoy talking to the guys who actually get excited in their own right when I say that Woz, the man himself (Woz!) might come visit Not PC. They actually understand and are admittedly (at least somewhat admittedly) geeks.

Wow, that was actually quite a long post. I'm tired of discussing geeks and J.E.L.C. (my group of girl friends), so I'm going to wrap this party up. bye now.

by rocket to the moon
i forget what else i put down here - oh yeah -
shorah = peace

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Journal Journal: Another post! (Woohoo)


As the subjline says, I posted again. Aren't you proud of me?

I think I'm taking up too much of Jack's time, emailing him stupid questions : ) I should probably leave off now and look for some other victims. bwahaha. I should email some other people though, seriously... like someone who will actually be able to get Woz (Woz!) in town.

But hey, it's the first week of summer - why shouldn't I bug some people? ...speaking of, I think I'll go bug a certain other person who I get great joy out of emailing/talking to when they're busy ...heh heh.

I'll be back tomorrow. yay.

by rocket to the moon
shorah = peace

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Journal Journal: Day 3, and 2 Accomplishments!


Not only did I finish the FAQ today, but I also had my first post! Yay, I'm proud. yeah, I know. hmm. I think I'm developing split personalities.

I also learned about how creepy the Patriot Act is, through an article at Slashdot called "How the Government Spies on Your Internet Use." I also introduced my librarian to Slashdot, via IM. I pointed out another article, covering weblogs to her, since she's writing a book about IM and blogs/journals. I'm a little unsure of what the specifics on the book are, but I'll probably take a look at it when it's published.

okay, I'm tired, and have nothing particular to write about, except one more thing from my oh-so-exciting IM life. Maciek was being annoying and kept leaving while I was trying to talk to him. Maciek, if you're reading this (which I doubt you are), that is annoying. Can't you just say "brb"?

Good night, geeks with no lives who are reading this. (yes, that includes YOU.)

by rocket to the moon
shorah = peace

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Journal Journal: Day 2 ... Still New


So, this is day two. I've spent most of the day poking through Slashdot (mostly the FAQ), except when my brother decided that he needed a turn using the computer. He spent a good bit of the evening playing stupid games on free game websites. Those games drive me nuts, because they make stupid noises, they're pointless, but most of all because my brother takes up the computer and DSL to play them - why doesn't he just go to an arcade? arrgh.

Oh well, I plan to get a computer of my own this summer. Then I can at least run programs like Adobe's stuff without having to give the computer up to him.

So, Slashdot is starting to make more sense ...gradually. I still have quite a ways to go on the FAQ, but we've got a tornado watch here until 1AM, so I'll probably be staying up for several hours at least, reading the FAQ, working on Not PC's website, and maybe toying around in Bryce.

by rocket to the moon
shorah = peace

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Journal Journal: Shorah, I'm Completely New to This


I've never done any sort of blog before, and I've never been to Slashdot. Actually, I had a loose policy of not even bothering to look at people's blogs, 'cause I've heard that they waste a lot of time. But hey, I'm out of school for the summer now, so what the heck. This is my first time here, but one of my friends was very excited about it, and he really wants me to try it out. So. Here I am.

Slashdot's kinda confusing, y'know. It'll take some getting used to.

Man. I have very little to say.


oh well. next time maybe.

'kay, bye.

-erockett : )
(aka Rocka-t-t)
by rocket to the moon
founder of Not PC club
shorah = peace

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