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Comment Re:Advanced? Requires a Jailbreak & manual ins (Score 1) 72

Beware that many jailbreakers also install SSH on their devices. SSH comes with a default password "alpine" for the two users present on an iOS device (root and mobile). Both of them obviously need to be changed.

If a jailbreaker forgets to change both default passwords SSH access is wide open and malware can easily be installed from outside.

Comment Re:Stop using the GUI... (Score 1) 341

Same here.

Actually I have always found the GUI part of Mac OS X Server troublesome, for the most part because the GUI actually modifies many of my regular .conf files and you can never be quite sure what they do.

I manage a few Mac OS X 10.6 Servers providing mail and web services. All configuration except (at the moment) for the addition/deletion of user accounts is done using SSH and home made configuration scripts. Much faster too.

Ernst Mulder

Comment Misleading title (Score 1) 284

I do not see what the title "Australia Considering IPhone App Censorship" has to do with the story. It's not about Apple nor about the iPhone or iPhone Apps and the title seems to refer to Apple's much discussed censorship on iApps which is not what this is about at all. Please change the title into "Game developers may drop Australian market" or something more appropriate.

Comment Re:iPad is not a PC - Where is my Prius SDK? (Score 1) 610

That's a great summary of the situation. And in my view that's exactly what makes the difference between the iPad/iPhone and any more regular computing system like a PC, Linux or Mac box.

And cars can be chipped. And iPhones can be jailbroken. Jailbreaking an iPhone is so simple today that anyone could do it*, instead we complain that the system is too closed. By the way, some developers that were refused by Apple's store turn to Cydia instead. Cydia is an alternative appstore for jailbroken phones were you can get both free and commercial apps too.

My iPhone is indeed jailbroken. Not to install pirated software or to make it simlock free, instead I did it to overcome some major annoyances such as the lack of an easy switch to turn that annoying auto-rotation off. I can now internet laying on my side in bed. :-) SBSettings is a blessing. Maybe Apple should "invent" that too ;-)

*but if you are so "adventurous" to install ssh please change both passwords (root & mobile)!

Comment ClickToFlash (Score 1) 595

ClickToFlash is a godsend. Earlier on in this whole Flash debate broke loose someone mentioned it and I've installed it on all OS X systems I use. Some of those are quite old and slow but disabling Flash using ClickToFlash makes web browsing a whole lot quicker on those machines.

ClickToFlash presents the user with a grey square with the word Flash whenever Flash is encountered on a website. The user has the choice to load the Flash content when clicking on the square. Sites can be whitelisted. And as an extra the source url of the Flash content are shown when hovering over it so it's quite easy to distinguish adds.

Comment Y2K (Score 5, Insightful) 328

From TFA: "When clocks struck midnight on January 1st and the dreaded Y2K bug turned out to be nothing but a mild irritant, it proved once again that the experts often don't know what the heck they're talking about."

Well, that kinda hurts.

I was responsible for a newspaper ordering system that definitely would have stopped processing orders in 2000. Cost quite a number of man hours. The majority of the Y2K my team had to solve weren't for the year 2000 but for passing into the year 1999 because many ordering systems had stupid (year+1) counters internally. It was a very stressful period and I very happy it went the way it did without major disasters.

The experts that didn't (and don't) know what they are talking about are the ones thinking you can upper-limit a year counter at 1999 (or 2039).

Comment Don't understand (Score 1) 270

Gilmoure's article almost feels like it was posted just for the heck of it. Or he has very particular designer friends.

How could a switch to some open source alternatives be in anyway better than running a "not officially supported but otherwise proven" version? Every existing file would have to be converted, there would be many conversion issues. If the design friends are working for a design studio it would be MUCH cheaper to just upgrade to CS4. Or to stay with Mac OS X 10.5 for the time being.

Anybody that's making a living on production work using computers should stay away from version .0 upgrades anyhow.

Next time in a forum: "I've voluntarily upgraded to Mac OS X 10.6 and now my Photoshop documents are corrupted. All my customers are angry and I'm loosing a lot of money and all my customers go somewhere else. Sue Apple!"...

Comment Re:I have a simple question... (Score 3, Informative) 295

If you install a lot of non-Apple stuff you have to know how to use ssh/scp/rsync if you want to keep all your non-Apple-application data over upgrades. I usually make a rsync backup of my phone before I upgrade so that I can rsync stuff back afterwards. Keeping your packages is reatively easy, just list the ones you installed before upgrading (dbkg -l) and use apt-get to re-install them after upgrading. With the latest Cydia incarnation you have to use Cydia's GUI app to install apt-get after you upgrade. The average user would probably just use Cydia's GUI to install the three or so Cydia apps that got lost during the upgrade. And please change your ssh password (default = well known = alpine) if you leave ssh on. For both users (mobile, root).

Comment Re:I like the idea with reservations (Score 1) 295

That's not quite right. Firstly jailbreaking has almost nohing to do with the ability to make phone calls. Secondly the cat-and-mouse thing is not your call, you simply need to wait a bit longer before you upgrade your phone to the lastest and greatest. And thirdly when you acidentally do upgrade "the official Apple way" the jailbreak is gone and you are left with a perfectly working non jailbroken phone.

Unlocking however is something else entirely.

Comment Re:Cydia (Score 1) 195

Oh apparently they already did. As of 30-7 "GV Mobile" version 1.2.2 is available in the ModMyi repository in Cydia for free. See Official word from Sean Kovacs can be read here:

Comment Re:What makes the iPhone special in this case? (Score 1) 495

There is a side-effect to jailbreaking that's worrying Apple. Jailbreaking disables application signing. A jailbroken iPhone will run any software you compile yourself but it also runs any official AppStore packages you care to install on it. In other words apart from opening up the phone it also enables software piracy. And that's not a good thing for (commercial) developers IMO.

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