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Comment Re:Consistency.. (Score 1) 104

Interesting you mention you like GNUstep/Windowmaker. I used it years ago, and ever since have made my desktop act like it where possible.

I use a minimal interface such as gnome 2 - (gnome-session-flashback on ubuntu these days).
Bind alt-1 through alt-9 to go to desktops 1 through 9
Bind alt-m to minimize window

Maybe I'm missing more parts of GNUstep/windowmaker, but it's quick enough to switch between workspaces that all other desktops have bothered me since using it.

Comment Re:convenience over quality (Score 1) 360

I'm not going to claim the numbers for this are high, but here's what I do:

Plug monitor cable from linux (or windows or you're evil) into LCD TV.
Plug sound cable into TV
Watch computer on TV

Our home computer is a linux desktop that has two video outputs. We can use both the monitor and TV, but one mouse for now. We plug/unplug the audio wire (that goes to the TV) from the desktop speaker to change where the audio goes -- I suppose that part could be better.
It's not hard (same 2 cables) to connect laptops to the TV.

Comment Re:Not social networking... (Score 1) 294 is, in the captain's own words, '... a Sci Fi Social Network for those with a passion for the arts.'

But that is exactly why it won't catch on. The reason why Facebook is so popular is because -everyone- can use it.

Originally not many people could use facebook -- it was only for people in college. There's no reason why Shatner's site couldn't include more people later, but honestly, (and as other people have already said) I don't think they needs to include everyone to be successful.

Comment Re:ATI chipsets (Score 1) 195

...A laptop with an R600 chipset is not easy to get working.

You have a good point -- graphics card choices in laptops are limited. But, instead of using windows, or linux without 3D, I just no longer consider laptops with ATI cards (which leaves nvidia choices for now).
I feel your pain though -- I had a T43 with X300 card for a couple years, and that experience is unfortunately burned in my memory.

Comment Re:ATI chipsets (Score 2, Informative) 195

If you're ok with not-so-open drivers, nvidia 3D cards have worked for years. I am waiting for quality open source 3D linux drivers, but until then, at least 3D can and has worked reliably on linux. (the nvidia-settings tool is reasonable enough that you generally don't need to edit config files)

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