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Comment Good/Bad Health is contagious (Score 1) 227

Different populations of bacteria can have an effect on our health, good or bad. Ergo, you want to catch the bacteria of healthy people. Ergo one should have sex and "taste/inoculate" oneself with healthy, thin people. Also obesity is similarly contagious so avoid oral/fecal contact with fatties. This is so classic a concept. Its ironic that people 1000 years ago probably believed this, and in fact it may stand up to science.

Comment SETI is a waste of time, looking (Score 2, Funny) 454

outside our world means we have given up on our world. Just enjoy your life, as technology is accelerating and soon we will move too fast and become a Black Hole which, by the way, are other civilizations enjoying the orgasm of technology and ending. The universe does not allow systems so knowledgeable that they can traverse space. A society powerful enough to travel would know all answers to everything instantly and that is its death knell. Its the Fermi paradox sorta. So looking for life is a belief system that is irrelevant like trying to beat our own lives. Might as well enjoy life, try to save the coral reefs.......

Comment I predict 30 of these species will outlast humans (Score 1) 52

In the big picture, DNA and life are just giant software programs. So they just discoverd 94 new utilities. We humans are trying to reverse engineer the code of life. When we succeed that will be endgame. There will be no need for economies if we have the power of life at our fingertips. AKA God. Programming in C++ or whatever are other attempts that will be superseeded by other languages. I predict ultimately the only thing valuable left on earth when we can program life will be life itself, the real evolved stuff, not the human created stuff that will become a commodity. So appreciate these 94 cos whatever is going to happen will happen soon, 50 years, extinction of them or us - and we have horrendous weapons - my bet is on 30 of these species outlasting humanity!

Comment Irony: Mac is good for security, media is just OK (Score 1) 398

I am not a programmer but pretty handy with PC's. I recently got a computer virus that annihilated my PC so I switched to Mac for security purposes. Overall I like it on many levels, except its not so hot with Media. I got TONS of media from all over the place. My PC played it all and I created my own directory structure that worked for me. Here in macville I often find myself unable to play things or manage them or edit them. Mac seems to have high end editing functionality but for average power users like me with tons of pics, mp3, videos it sucks! iTunes wants to organize and bring everything into libraries, quicktime is sorta lame. Irony

Comment Re:Be lazy and lose weight. Work hard and get fat! (Score 1) 978

In the big picture I agree, a recent hypothesis is that cooked food contributed to brain size etc like you say. On the other hand, TODAY I do sort of calorie restricted eating and my brain power is excellent. So what we consider not eating much is still probably more than we need to think well. When I eat less I get very hyper and adrenalized and my productivity goes up. Eat too much and I slow doooowwwnnnnnn

Comment Be lazy and lose weight. Work hard and get fat! (Score 1) 978

Its NOT superficially logical, but eating less is much better than exercise to lose weight! But exercise sounds appealing and people can sell it to you - capitalism. Whereas it is difficult to make money from eating less. Thus capitalism is so deeply entrenched even in science and logic that it seems illogical that exercise does not work well. Just think how capitalistic our science is; spend thousands of dollars and do Protestent hard work to lose weight. Gym membership, Fancy bikes, work out clothes, protein supplement, personal trainer. No pain no gain. Compare this to the easy way- just eat less. No big deal, easy. Lazy. - How unamerican! Micahel Pollan talks about this stuff, how 100 years ago everybody was thin and it was easy. Now everybody is highly educated and we are all fat. All very counterintuitive. Watch as china gets capitalstic and gets fat...

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